Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adepticon Crystal Brush

Old School back again to show off some of the amazing entries in the Crystal Brush Competition! The field was a little smaller this year, but the entries were no less mind-blowing. Let's check them out!

Go CVinton!

This Minotuar is amazing in person. The dwarf below is too. Easily two of the coolest models.

Chaos is always well represented in any painting contest!

Another solid reason why I love water effects!

Ok, CVinton, you have some competition in the contemptor department!

What a great model!

This gang was amazing and had such a cool theme and so much nice little freehand work!

In the 41st Millenium, nobody respects stop signs!

Amazing ...

I wish this last photo would have come out better, it really is an amazing model. This is by no means all of the Crystal Brush entries. I had actually filled my camera's card for the day when I was taking photos there. For more great Crystal Brush entries, check out the CMON website here and vote.

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  1. Sadly, your pics of many of the entries are better than the ones CMON took. Doesn't help that they cherry picked on who got more than one pic of their entry. But that's no different than last year.