Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon Battleforce Box Winner!

Old School here to announce the winner of our Adepticon Battle Force Giveaway. I just want to start by saying that we ended up with 326 total entries into the contest from Thursday night to the wee hours of Monday after the poker tournament. We had tons of fun, met a lot of hilarious people, hung out with friends new and old and drank like the viking gods of old!

I want to thank everyone who entered the contest and had a few laughs with us this weekend, but there can be only one winner, so let's get to it!

Though we may be a day late (recovery), we managed to get all the names written down, cut out (with the help of my kids) and mixed up. I had my wife draw out the winner about an hour ago and I am glad to say that Mark D. from OhioHammer podcast managed to win the contest this year, forcing Rhellion to drink so much that he offered to quit the blog so he didn't have to drink anymore, HAHA!

Mark, shoot us an e-mail at DarkFutureGames@gmail.com to let us know what you would like.  

With that being said, I think the drinking game was double as crazy as last year (we only had 148 entries last year) and with it threatening to get too big for our livers to handle, we will likely retire it as one of the best ideas ever ... maybe we will do something next year that also involves meeting up with us, but we haven't figured it out yet. I will say that there is a big, secret project in the works for next year and we all plan to take a much more active role in the tournaments.

Thank you again everyone and we look forward to seeing you next year!


  1. Make it stop! I drank a whole case during the Big Brawl and didn't hand out half as much as I had to on Sunday during the Fantasy Team Tournament.

  2. It was awesome seeing all of you guys again!

    I am really impressed on how much all of you had to drink, not quite sure how you managed lol

  3. Well we have a rep to uphold and the few of us who are old school 40k guys remember the days when GW always said a game is better over a pint. In our case its over a case but we hail from spartan country so we have to be hard core ;-)

  4. Big, secret project??? Hmmm???

    And SeerK, the game is ALWAYS better over a pint...or a glass of whiskey.

  5. Grats to Mark! And remember, stupid mistakes while drunk don't seem so stupid. Plus when drunk, the gods of alcohol sometimes give really inspired play ideas!

  6. it was great meeting you guy again this year.

  7. Nothing like coffee patron in the morning and chugging captain out of a handle at night to keep you on your toes. I am glad no one was seriously injured haha.