Monday, April 16, 2012

It Came From the Forums Update: Kolonel Grotsnik's Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons!

Old School Terminator here, checking in on the subject of a previous It Came From the Forums, Kolonel Grotsnik, previously featured for his Cybernetica and Grot Rebellion armies, the artist hinted at the potential for a Thousand Son army with a single model. Since then, the Forces of Prospero have come together in a VERY big way!

If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you will know that most of the team is well versed in the Heresy series and big fans of the traitor legions, especially, due to their tragic falls, but nothing is tragic about how I have fallen for this army. The posing and the action is perfect and the paint leaves nothing to be desired!

A mix of third party bits, Grey knight parts and original thousand son and even tomb king pieces ties this army together in a way captured straight from the Prospero artwork.

Choosing Grey Knights as a book is an obvious fit for the highly psychic Thousand Sons and while it would have been easy to just paint grey knights red, Grotsnik doesn't ever take the easy way!

It may be subtle, but I really love the autocannon being held by the Marine down there.

Every good army deserves cool objective markers and these are simple and effective.

On the table, the army is remarkable.

One can only imagine some of the scenens that made Thousand Sons such a great read when looking at these models on a table top with good terrain.

As we go forward, I plan to make more update posts like these for past It Came From the Forums artists while still bringing you the best stuff from the forums!

Artists like this really do deserve more than one shot and you aren't following his project logs by now, shame on you!

This make me feel better about CVinton's Wolves being based with dead Thousand Sons!

As we draw to a close, all I can think about is the upcoming Adepticon 2012 and the great armies we will see there, we are bringing the whole crew along (almost) and also hosting a contest for those folks who may be interested in winning a battle force ... and a contest for those who can't make it but want to win a troop box as well, so check out the link.

Don't forget to check out Grotsnik's project log and if you like what you see in the world of It Came From the Forums, then click here and see all of them.


  1. Nice - Those are absolutely gorgeous! Love the tutelary objective markers, clever!

  2. Dude, your TSons are insane as well! I am also a big fan of your new World Eaters stuff!