Thursday, March 22, 2012

Operation: Kill Zone Open Play Day!

Sammy here with some info about a fun day of skirmish combat. what we're gonna do is have a open free play day for Warhammer 40k using the fan developed "Operation Kill Zone" if you haven't seen what Big Jim and his boyz have done, check it out!

For those of you in the blog world living under a rock, I'll do a short summary of the rules. Kill Zone is a skirmish based 40k game type that uses individual models to get a real squad combat feel to 40k. Most times you play 250pt armies with no HQ choices or vehicles other than a single walker. It uses standard 40k rulebook for most of its core rules. however the Kill Zone rule set does edit these rules slightly to make a more balanced match up at the the low point level. It also adds rules to make a more cinematic experience. Kill Zone can be done in a 1v1 format or a multi player battle. The best part is it only takes between 5-20 individual models to play so even the newest of players can join in.

So this is going to be a pretty open day just to play out some of this great game as well as just a good time to enjoy looking at each other's kill teams. Join us at evolution games tomorrow night to try this out.

When: Tomorrow Friday the 23rd 4pm-close (I know most people wont be there until they are out of work)
Where: Evolution Games 6324 W. Saginaw Hwy Suite D Lansing, MI 48917 (right next to speedway)
What u need: a small army consisting of 250 points following the kill zone rules. (Found Here)also bring the normal tape measure, dice, pen, paper, and codex you plan to use for your unit selection.

Also, follow A Gentleman's Ones for more Kill Zone updates and info from Brian!


  1. I got my first game of kill zone in last week. It is pretty fun. I hope to make it out there tonight.

  2. What time is close on Friday at Evo?

  3. The sign says midnight, but it usually goes later.

  4. Excellent news! I hope there is much Glory on the tabletops during the event!