Monday, March 19, 2012

New Citadel Paint Charts!

Old School here and I am very happy to say that the new Citadel Paint Chart is out there. I pulled these two off of Miniature Wargame Conversion. This is very exiting and I am pumped to see a hint of what the new colors and styles are. Needless to say, I will be much happier when I see the paint in person! For now, we just have these two images!

What do you think about these new charts?


  1. As long as ALL the colours I currently use are there I don't mind what they do, just wish they didn't re-name them.

    1. I agree, the renaming is annoying even if they release a great conversion chart, it just seems dumb to change a name one imaginary place to another for a pot of paint. I guess Delvan lost its namesake for having the nicest mud!

  2. WTF are the "Texture" paints? I haven't seen those before. I haven't been looking for them either, of course, so me not seeing what I'm not looking for is not unusual. It would be really cool if they released some crackle paints!

  3. I'm always wary of paint charts like this, and will be much happier when seeing them in person as well. A digital print, or even worse a backlit monitor, will never show the true color of a paint. Light reacts differently in all three applications, and the color is perceived differently.

    Sorry, Color Theory and Graphic Design soapbox there. I'll put that away :P

    I am very excited to see these in person, regardless. Even if the new naming conventions irritate me. :)