Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drinking Games for Warhammer 40k! We Share ours, Let's Hear Yours!

Old School here and with St. Patrick's Day upon us, what kind of people would we be if we didn't take the time to post up some great ways for (over 21) gamers to add beer drinking to the actual tabletop gaming affair (warning, this is beyond beer and pretzels!)
First off is our old favorite, Random Terrain!

Random Terrain 40k is best played in teams for the greatest effect. The basics are simple:

Set up a regular game per the Big Red Rule Book. Use a little less terrain than normal to set up the board. Now, once the game starts, players may add terrain to the table in the form of beer cans, bottles or drink cups at any time during their opponents turn and place it anywhere 1" or more away from any model on the table. At the end of the player turn, the cans go away!

As you can see, it works best with teams due to the fact one person would have to drink an awful lot to make any effective LOS insanity and there is no reason to get drunk that fast! I have played this game before and while I was able to prevent an alpha strike, I also couldn't get much blockage up on turn 6 or seven! (we played singles the first time).

That's just one good game.


Wordhammer is simply a normal game, but there is a twist. At the start of the game, each player nominates one word his opponent will likely say and make it a drink command for his opponent, such as "Multi-laser", so each time the opponent says "I'm going to fire my multi-laser" he has to drink.

Each player makes a different word each turn and the words can even stack up if you choose. I have also seen this game played where each HQ could name a word a turn, but if the HQ is killed, all words that particular HQ made become null!

I am sure there are plenty of other great examples of games or ways to add drinking to a casual game of 40k and I want to hear them! If you have a game that you have played, heard of or know about, then share it in the comments and eventually, I will add them to this article and tab it so we can have a nice little resource for 40k drinking games!

As always, if you drink, don't drive, if you drive, don't drink and don't over-do it! Happy St. Paddy's Day from the crew here at DFG!


  1. 'Happy St. Patty's Day from the crew here at DFG!'
    It's Paddy's Day or St. Patrick's Day lad. Not Patty's Day. Ugh. I need a drink to wash that off my tongue now.

    BTW, your Random Terrain thing is soft: you deploy just the one piece each and when you finish a can/bottle/shot glass you plonk the terrain down where you want and it stays there for the game unless it falls over, whereupon it's removed from the game. There's a bit of thought required about whether you want to drink a can (LOS-blocker), a bottle to give cover but allow LOS and a shot glass which will really only stymie/protect infantry. Decisions, decisions.

    Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day. ;)

  2. I'll eat the Patty mistake, I have burgers on the mind, but I actually disagree about the presented version of random terrain being weak.

    I will start by saying yours is certainly one way to play the game and I like the difference in types of cover or LOS given in your example, but I certainly don't think the example in the article is weak, considering you rebuild every turn, forcing you to drink much more and if the phases are going fast, you are really banging out drinks to get cover and terrain down.

    I will also say that when you add shots to the mix as well, keeping the terrain on the table for the whole game is a good idea, especially if you want to remember turn 6. So, I like your version for that too. I think some trails could certainly occur before the day is done! Thanks for the suggestion, that's what this post is all about Stormy.

  3. Now that I think of it, I have also played a Random Terrain Game where the "terrain" got to stay on the table, but when you finish a drink, you have the option of placing it or replacing one currently in play (yours or your opponents).

  4. I will start by saying yours is certainly one way to play the game and I like the difference in types of cover or LOS given in your example, but I certainly don't think the example in the article is weak,

    Ah, but your way is weaker - my example forces you to drink more, faster in order to get cover to keep your units alive.:P Although one caveat I'd introduce would be to only allow players to place pieces alternately, otherwise I'll skull my beers in order to block LOS to my guys and stay behind them if I'm going 2nd. :P

    If I have 8 cans and you only have a solitary bottle of vodka then things might be uneven so having lads drink similar stuff might be the way to go. Or maybe having a similar number of pieces to place so those 8 cans would translate to the bottle of vodka and 7 shot glasses. That might even things out. Now, where has my vodka gone?

    1. I see, the second paragraph of that comment is what I was missing! I too would just thrash through some beer in your version - the caveat changes my whole perspective on it!

      I can see starting with a set number, maybe even earning more drinks past the original number by earning kill points, ect. This is an idea with legs now. I am going to have to assemble the crew to get to grips with your version of the game.