Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Blog of Note: Rust and the City! Chaos Marines and Renegades at their Best!

Old School here with a new Blog of Note. Blogs of Note is a series I have been running for a few years now to feature some of the best blogs out there you may have never seen, but you should follow! Tonight we are looking at the talented Cameron of Rust and the City, an artist who has brought some serious skill to the Chaos Renegade and Legionary scene. Let's take a look at his work.
The squad above is exactly everything a great renegade squad should be and better than I could imagine my own if I made them! The fact that he used Forge World Renegades, but not as a crutch is great - the fact that his conversions match the Forge World level of quality and exceed it (look at that Sgt!) is amazing!

If those renegades didn't do it for you, check out this renegade psyker. Everything from the expert conversion, the base color choice and the orange is perfect. Even the basing material is great.

and speaking of psykers, check out yet another great take on the Manticore Lord. Being that I also performed one (for my Iron Warriors), you can have no doubt that I was instantly in love with this conversion.

Who needs a Chaos Plastic Dreadnought when we can make conversions like this? The devil is in the details here. I love the little cables in the cracks, but over the fleshy boils.

This is what I love about Chaos: Something can look cool and even somewhat regal, while also being a puss ridden corpse monster with barbed chains and a scythe!

If you thought this blogger was all about the pretty models and like many, loved the blank bases, you are wrong, sir, wrong! This is a bridge I have yet to jump off hobby-wise, but I am now super-inspired to do so. Look at that trench work! The sand bags are great and the texture is wonderful, but when have you ever seen that much wood on a base?

Some of Cameron's latest work includes his Plague Marines. The green stuff work is very effective and let's him keep the FW look, while breaking out into a more robust line of bits - not to mention the incredible plastic card work. My hat is off to you, Cam.

It does not stop at regular Plague Marines, Terminators are on the menu as well and Cam is serving them up hot! I love this stuff because I used to love making my own Plague Marines back in the day, but obviously wasn't this skilled when I did it. The cables and the inner sculpt work on the bellies is simply superior to anything I have done and a vast majority of what I have seen.

I would like to close with this renegade Sgt, simply because it really sums it all up for this artist - a total hobbyist who takes bits and models from multiple lines (FW, Fantasy, loyalist and Chaos SM ect) and makes it all into a cohesive force that fits together in a beautiful but putrid way.

For more great photos and awesome sculpting and painting tutorials, check out Rust and the City. Follow it and rejoice! You will never be disappointed with Cam's work!


  1. Love the scratch builds; his OSL needs a bit more white from a paint standpoint, so much so it detracts pretty heavily from the models (for me at least): but the builds, cabling, gs work is fantastic. This is scratching my inner 'I wanna build an AdMech' itch in a big way.

  2. Thanks for the very kind feature Old School Terminator. I'm very flattered you've enjoyed my models so much. I'm a bit embarrassed that some of those models aren't finished yet though! The apostate preacher really just needs an hour of love before he is complete. Thanks for the feature!

    Ghostlin-The OSL definitely does need more work. I spend a lot more time practicing my sculpting than painting (and it shows!). I definitely need to focus more on my painting and improving my skills and techniques. The OSL on the orange eyes was my first attempt at painting OSL. I am still a bit leery of overdoing the lighting with too much white. I definitely plan to tone down the orange a bit on the next models I paint. Thanks for the constructive feedback.

  3. Fantastic work cameron. I will definitely start to follow your work as im curious to see what your work looks like if this isn't finished product. As far as im concerned this is top notch work as is.

  4. Wow! Thanks for turning me on (with!) to this blog. This guy is just a mad talent!

  5. I love this series. Serious work there and I've already got a link to hit that blog to start following it.

  6. simply stunning good motivation for me to get into green stuff a lot more and up my artistic game.