Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Third Foundation Of Vengeance: Misdirection

 Before I get into the 3rd Foundation of Vengeance I would like to bring to the attention of the readership that the models referenced in this entry, mainly The Judges Space Marines, were actually stolen right out of his car.  The only survivor was the Scout Sgt.  My condolences to The Judge on his loss.  This Foundation was a short one.  Sometimes you can write a novel and sometimes its a chore to write even a Paragraph.  I think its an important lesson though.  Well enjoy, back to packing.  My time as an Outcast has come to an end and I am moving back to Lansing at the end of the week.  I will have some Bike council updates as I complete them for the Adepticon Team tournament. 

Although I did not get the game in I wanted on Wednesday I did get a game in. I teamed up with The Judge in a team game Vs Seven and a FLGS regular, and fellow car guy, Tony. Seven was using his Craftworlders and Tony was venturing into his new army acquisition, Grey Knights. I was using the Webway List I came up with witch I am proud to say includes no death stars and no special named characters. The Judge brought the heat with some of my old nemesis, Chaplin Stonewall, Brother Overkill and Sgt Bad ass and the Sunshine Kids.

We had a Spearhead deployment So I was not going to get a real test of how far on the board I could get with the portals. I would have preferred a pitched deployment for a real test. We survived the first round to shooting and I was able to rush forward to deploy the portals. I made a mistake though. I had not realized the sheer number of troops I was going to have pouring through the portal. I placed them to close together and there was a bottleneck. This was made worse by Grey Knights and Eldar closing in on all sides. I only really had issues in turn three when all the Wych squads came in.

Once the army was in the sheer brutality and amount of damage it did was scary. The only real speed bump I had was the purifier squads and Castellion Crow using the Cleansing Flames power. I caution all of you about assaulting squads with this power. I should have shot the living daylights out of them first.

This list is relentless. It sweeps across the board and kills all it hits. It can deal with vehicles at close range rather effectively. I need to test it against a horde army though. The game as short as it was though got me thinking about the Third Foundation Of Vengeance. As I advanced my force I saw that my opponents were fixated on the units in their midst. Brother Overkill had drop podded into their back field and I had squads of Wracks and their raiders on their front line hitting targets while the rest of The Judges Force Advanced. I started to think about battlefield misdirection and realized this was the Third Foundation of Vengeance.

Misdirection is key when fighting a battle. Especially in objective games. Even more so in a multi tier mission. You have to distract your opponent from your true intentions. Misdirection is key. You must be willing to sacrifice units that may be valuable to achieve your goals. In a multi tier mission to win you must concentrate on 2 objectives in the mission. You can distract your opponent by trying for the objectives he is going for, while keeping one unit out of the way and being rather unobtrusive in order to take one of your actual objectives. The real reason to distract your opponent from one objective is to dismantle his ability to take that objective and one other. If you are able to get him so fixated on one aspect of the battle, that tunnel vision allows you to deploy your units to dismantle his ability to do anything but that one objective. Once he realizes he can't actually win the blow will be one he can't recover from.

So distract and misdirect your enemies so they do not see the killing blow. Next time I will discuss the Fourth Foundation Of Vengeance. Relentlessness

Until then................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Misdirection is key. You make the opponent make tough decisions and make them often. Every tough call is a chance he will make a mistake and between two players of equal skill, that is all it takes sometimes to tip the scales.

    I have used misdirection many times with the nids to achieve global digestion and I look forward to seeing what the Chaos codex release has to offer me!

  2. Yes the misdirection with the bugs has been good. The game of traps within traps that lead to the horrible death of 3 wych squads and Lelith to dakafexes comes to mind