Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And so it begins.... Lord Solar Whips his Nobz Back and Forth!


So as I stated awhile back, I was buying parts for a new army for the Team Tournament at Adepticon. As also stated, it would be orky.... and so it is, I have decided to run my Death Star as the most ill fated and hated of the ork death stars.... the Nob Biker squad... I do not have the details of the list completely hammered out just yet, however that does not mean I could not be working on the models themselves.

Over the past few weeks the DFG crew as well as other local gamers have been heading up to our FLGS and painting and assembling our armies on Wednesday nights. The result of this has been a big inspiration for myself to get to work on my list and the models I need to complete it. So far I have 3 Nob Bikers down.

The first one is the classic red bike with a powerklaw enabled nob with his kombi rocket. It was the first bike I started to work on and I think it shows, however I do like the end result, but as I finished it I realized that I did not like the idea of all of my models for this Death Star being the same color.

My rationale came from the thought that Ork WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!(s) or the most successful ones, take boyz from all different clans and throws them together to fight, so If my Boyz were gonna be REAL powerful then they needed to be different colors too.

So the second bike was born and I went with a first layer of boltgun metal and then painted over with some blue to give it that undertone of shiny goodness. As you also might note from both the models, I am really loving the Snot Green color, and how it brings out and highlights the parts I want it to. I was really proud of the wrappings on the Big Choppa and if you get the chance to see it up close I am sure you will understand why. I am not sure the pics do it justice.

The third bike started out totally different as I was originally going with a boltgun metal main color for it. Yet as i got the first bit of painting on it done I did not think it looked right, then waking up the next morning I decided that i would change it to bronze and I REALLY like the result. I took my time getting a lot of the metal to look like it has some patina. I think it looks quite nice on his kombi scorcha and his klaw I am SUPER satisfied with this model. Enough so that my Warboss might get the same treatment.

In all I think I will stick with these three themed color schemes for my boyz as it brings some kind of variety to the table and all together I think looks really nice. Let me know what you all think!

Until next time....

Orks is the biggest and the strongest!


  1. I like it Steve and it is a good step out from the Guard, very different in play and paint styles. I think Orks will "grow your gaming portfolio" and be a hell of a lot of fun too.

  2. I agree with OST. This is a major step away from the regimented Guard, and I think a great way to stretch your hobby 'legs', so to speak. While I'm not in the Team Tournament this year, I do plan on making a round or three through the room, and when I do I want to see the crew :) Can't wait to see more progress on these and in person!


  3. They look awesome! Cant wait to see them across a table.

  4. I look forward to playing with Lord Solar at Adepticon this year. When paired up an all bike force should be interesting.


  5. I'm just gonna go on record now and say I really hate you guys. Nah, I'm kidding. They look fantastic and I can't wait to see them in the flesh...er, plastic. Resin? Whatever.

  6. Looks good Steve. I'm really happy to see the painting push at Evo.

    I like the mix idea you're running with. I think it'll keep you going so it isn't an assembly line that gets really boring.

    GW did a really great job with their green line. Green red and blue are my favorite he series. They did a great job selecting their shades to have proper highlights and low lights.

    Everyone down at Evo painting, keep up the good work. I'm stoked to see it happening.

  7. Yeah, getting painted armies on the tables at EVO is exciting and I am glad to see the old veterans of the store make the push. Thanks for putting the painting night together Steve and I look forward to all of us whipping our painted armies back and forth there!

  8. Bringing my Russ conversions tonight. And maybe the deathback

  9. Ahh I am glad I will be able to attend all the usual hobby and game nights at evo. I changed my availability at the new store :-)

    SeerK is back in hallowed Sparta!

  10. Well ... that would work, if there was an Evo to go to after the end of the month. Just sayin'