Thursday, February 16, 2012

Judgement Day Bitz Trading February 22 @ Evolution Games

Dark Future Games will host a bitz trading night at Evolution Games on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. This may be the last bitz trading night at Evolution Games, so we invite you to celebrate rather than mourn by bringing in your bitz, stuff you want to trade off or sell down to Evolution Games. We have held several of these trade nights in the past and they have traditionally drawn pretty good crowds and great selections of bitz.

Being the last bitz trading event, I would imagine some insane stuff will make its way there!
 I personally will be bringing no less than six bins of bitz and a rather large tote filled with vehicles ect. I already know several others will be bringing epic collections of stuff to trade (by the way, I am looking to get rid of some Epic 40k minis), so come on down and trade with us before the store dissapears! See you on Judgement Day!

If you already know you're coming, sound off!


  1. I'll be there with an epic amount of space wolf bits and I'm looking for guard bits.

  2. I will be there with space marine bits and vics, some ogre bits, chaos bits, and some random stuff that is pretty cool (also an Epic Eldar army) and I will be looking for the crons!

  3. I will be there wit eldar, dark eldar and orks, looking for mostly eldar and ork stuff I dont have

  4. Seer, what sort of eldar stuff are you looking for? Send me a message at steinerp@msu. edu.