Sunday, February 26, 2012

DFG Spotlight: An Interview with Thomas AKA Goatboy

Old School here with a new series called "DFG Spotlight" and the first interview of that series. The purpose of Spotlight is to interview a member of the blogosphere and get to know them as a total hobbyist. I personally like hearing how people got into the game, ect. I also think the internet has a way of turning typecasting people and if I can use the interview to delve into another part of the subject, then hopefully, it can be entertaining and even eye opening. So let's take a look at the origins of Goatboy and what keeps him going!

The only rule I set for myself is to keep the interview to 10 - 12 questions. So let's get to it ...

Before we start, Where did the nickname Goatboy come from?

I had a goatee at the comic store I worked at when I went to college. Yup super lame heheh. I have had the nickname for 12 years. 

1. So where did it all begin? When did you first get introduced to tabletop gaming and 40k and how long was it before you fielded your first army?

I got introduced to table top game around 98-99.  I worked a comic book store that the owner was really into playing the miniature wargame of 40k.  I was into Magic pretty heavily and decided to switch as the constant grind to get more cards became a bit too much.  I am an artist so the idea of painting my own guys up was an awesome idea.  I left the game around 2001 and came back to it around 2008 when I have gotten into a new relationship and the lady didn't mind me pushing around Plastic Dudesmen. 
My first army was Chaos and it will always be my favorite.  So much so that I keep making more Chaos styled armies no matter the codex.  I can't help liking to paint evil looking guys.

1998, A good year!

2. What was your first army? What kind of thought went into building it? 
Chaos Space Marines and my first thought was to buy the old Chaos marine army boxed set that had Abbaddon and some metal guys.  I accidentally glued in between my calf and thigh while messing with these guys.  There really was no thought just Zuel heh.  But really I just played what looked cool at the time.

3. Did you play in a store from the very beginning or were you a garage or basement gamer for a while?
I was at the store from the beginning.  There are no basements here in Texas and a garage gets pretty hot in the summer time. 

4. What is your favorite part of the hobby? Fluff, modelling, converting painting, playing? Why? Has it changed over the years?
I really like it all.  I am a competitive player at heart so playing the game is just as important as creating the models.  I like all aspects and really it depends on my mood to find out what is really important to myself that day.  I feel the burn of 5th currently so I am really into painting stuff right now.  I am sure that will change with 6th and any upcoming codexes.

5. I know you also have been doing comics and art for a while. What inspires you and what is your artistic background? 
Everything inspires me.  Cool TV shows (Watch the River on ABC), comics, conversations and whatever else all drives me to create.  I have always liked to draw so it is a constant companion to the world of Grim Dark 40k nonsense.

6. Did you have a mentor coming up in either comics, painting, gaming ect? Was there a person in particular who helped you step up your game in those departments?
Not really.  I just went with what I liked.  Really that is what people seem to forget in this game with arm chair generals, paint snobs, and the normal internet type who thinks their idea or opinion is better then anyone else's.  I like to do the things I do because I like them.  I might give my own opinion from time to time but it will never be any better then yours.  If you have fun and enjoy the time you spent then awesome.  Really it is just my drive to find something interesting and enjoyable that keeps me moving through the fields of plastic sprues and constant smell of glue and paint fumes.

Goatboy is probably best known for his Space Goats, check out the link to his blog at the bottom of the post

7. Anyone who has followed you for any amount of time knows that you like the bad guys. What is it that draws you toward Chaos and the darker side of the grim dark future?
They are a hell of lot of fun to paint and build.  Really you have so much more room to explore your artistic side with Chaos that it is a no brainer for the art geek to go towards those guys.  Horns, eyes, tentacles are all neat things.  Heck you can see my tattoos on my arms to see what kind of things I like.  Also playing the bad guy is a hell of a lot more fun to play.

8. You have been a very vocal person in the 40k community between your blog and BoLS, despite a vocal minority of the community that seems to enjoy beating on you in the comments. How and why do you keep bringing article week after week with that sort of response? How do you stay above the petty stuff?  
Truthfully it is their right to give me crap.  Articles are about opinions and everyone has a right to say what they want.  I try not to read them too often and keep my head out of the mud.  I play nicely and try to always be a positive influence on the game.  Whether it is through my mean lists, talking to everyone, or just not being a dbag when you play me in a game.  I think this game needs more positive attitudes and it is my pleasure to provide one.  I know people don't like everything I do and that is fine.  I don't like everything people do either.  And really if you don't get hate then in some ways you are just not that cool hah. 

A recent Plastic Dudesmen by Goatboy - I often find the Rainbow Warriors the butt of jokes locally as well!

9. What is coming up in the future for you? Anything you are looking forward to or have planned?
Hopefully we get a gift with a new Chaos book in the next few months.  If something comes out in April like I hope then my hooves will be busy building a new Chaos Legions army (I have 3 real ones, 3 Counts as Ones, but will still make a new one with new minis).  Right now I am fixing up some Goats as well as finishing up commission stuff as usual.  I am currently working on Avatars for the BOLS crew for the battle reports as well as doing art pieces here and there.  Plastic Dudesmen will contine (just wait till 52 comes around) and I might end up working on my comic book I always have brewing in my head.  I will be going to a few events this year so catch me if you want your bag drawn on too.  I will be at the Bay Area Open, Feast of Blades, Adepticon, Alamo 40k, as well as Wargames con as usual.  I am sure I will make ATC and the Boyz as well this year depending on job, wife, and life.

10. Is there anything you would like to add, talk about, promote ect?
I paint miniatures for people.  You know this as well but I am pretty decently priced and easy to work with.  You can check that out at  I also write for the website Bell of Lost Souls and do my own thing at  Check it out, give me some crap in the comments and just have a good time with whatever nonsense I decide to put out there for everyone to read.

*That is it for now. Hopefully, this was interesting for you. I always like to get to know fellow players and hobbyists and know their gaming background. I look forward to doing more interviews in the future and would like to thank Goatboy for agreeing to the interview and for being the Guinea Pig for this series.

As always, comments and feedback are always welcome.


  1. cool new series I look forward to see who all you contact.

  2. I don't know if it is firefox's problem, but the questions are in dark purple on black, initially i didn't even realize the questions were there till i highlighted the whole page.

    i am looking forward to seeing who's next :)