Friday, January 27, 2012

Wolfson's Hobby Update, Painted Dark/ Light Eldar, VC, More!

Hello everyone I am sure some people thought me to be abducted by the inquisition since it has been so long since i have posted. The truth is far worse as a new semester of college has sucked me in to possibly be lost forever. I have however at least had the time to work on some hobby projects in between class and homework.
First up is a project i got a little sidetracked on. A close friend of mine is getting back into 40k and started up a Salamanders Army. I know this is not a Salamander but i used this model to teach him some basics on how to build up certain colors especially the touchy ones like red, white and yellow as these can be
hard for new people to deal with. Do not worry i taught him green as well but that one i don't find as hard to pull off. He played before the age of foundation paints and loves to undercoat everything in black so I had a lot to go over with him on how to use the new foundation paints and how the new washes actually work so on...... After helping him with his salamanders for a weekend my hobby ADD kicked in and i kept working on this model. I wanted to try the weathering that is featured in the new 'Eavy Metal Masterclass book. I quite enjoyed the way it came out and had fun taunting OST with it since its an Imperial Fist and he was working on Iron Warriors at the time.

Next up I have 10 of 20 Dire Avengers I finished for my Eldar a little while back and a prototype hull design for my vehicles that emulates celestial formations on my Wave Serpent.

I have also had my hands on Dark Eldar for quite some time but I promised myself I would paint each kit as I bought them so i would not get backed up. Here is my first squad that I used for a test bed on how I wanted to do Dark Eldar. I finally settled on The Kabal of The Obsidian Rose and these warriors just need some finishing touches and they will be done.

The big Vampire Counts launch happened earlier this month and was pretty exciting for me as they were my first fantasy army from around the 5th edition time frame. I had completed most of my ghouls and graveguard as well as some characters recently. The ghouls number 50 plus and the graveguard come in at about 40 so ill give you just a sample.

The characters I finished were Konrad, a Dark Elf Dread Knight I will use as a Vamp and my converted Wight King with Standard.
Well that is about it for now I am in the middle of touching up some skeletons I painted ten years ago so they will better match my current VC and I will be diving into those sexy new kits as soon as possible. I will do my best to keep you all updated on the progress and cant wait to see everyone at Adepticon.


  1. Wolfson,

    The Imperial Fist looks outstanding! The fact that you are a big xenos player makes it even better! The Dark Eldar are my favorite models from your collection as the paint scheme looks good and the blending is nice and tight on their armor!

    I like the space pattern on the wave serpent and think that the Dire Avengers will look really good with their armor against that tank on the table top. Hive Fleet Behemoth's mouth is watering just thinking of eating them, lol!

    I am glad to see so much of the VC army is done, since we shall be taking the field together at the Warhammer Team Tourney at Adepticon with the Counts and the Ogres. I have a few undead ogres in the works for your unit filler, BTW!

    Keep up the good work man, it's great to see that you have stayed busy.

  2. Nice work.
    Love the armour on the Dark Eldar troops. That and the overall colors used on the VC.

    Ron, From the Warp