Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forge World: New Necron and Ork Resin Crack and Will Attend Adepticon!

 Old School here to put the word out that Forge World is now carrying Necron Scarab Swarms and a new line of Ork vehicle bits (below) that look like they would be perfect weapons for a buggy.
While I am a little dissapointed that the scarabs don't have the "carpet of swarming evil" effect that we get from the Tyranid Swarms of theirs, I can appreciate the old school look of these scarabs. Overall, the resin stems will make them flimsy for tabletop use, but experienced modellers will just pin the to the base, so no harm-no foul.

Well, all we need now is a good looking Ork buggy. I know people can and will just make their own ...

... but the original could really use an update!

Anyway, enjoy the resin crack, I always do and it is clinically proven to be twice as addictive as plastic crack!

Perhaps the best news, though, is that Forge World will once again be present at Adepticon, which is really great, we missed them two years ago and while my wallet hates it, I always enjoy the opportunity to impulse buy Forge World models.


  1. Honestly I like the GW scarabs more, plus they are easier to press mold so you can make bases PACKED with them, which look awesome.

  2. Oh, for sure. I think press molding scarabs and making awesome bases is the way to go. When I saw the bases Ron made at FTW, I figured it was what everyone would do because it just looks so good and is so cheap.

  3. I do like the FW ones they look more...spidery. But I wish they would of made them more like their ripper swarms. I just got done press molding a bunch for my swarms,stealing the idea for those ones on FTW.