Monday, January 23, 2012

It Came From the Forums: Bobo's Tyranid Swarm!

Old School here with another edition of It Came From The Forums. This time, we are looking at an amazing Tyranid army, so strap in, there are a ton of photos! If at any time, you would like to see a larger pic, simply click the photo or travel to the artist's thread at the bottom of the blog post.

First off and foremost, this is an incredible paint scheme. The carapace is flawless and the color selection is unique and very alien in nature. Also, you will notice many small conversions (and plenty of big one) that really add a nice touch and complete the over all character of the army as a whole. A great example of a nice touch would be the spore mines here that are flying.

Another thing that really makes these models pop, is the addition of the plants on the bases. They look really nice.

Here is a great Doom of Malan'Tai conversion and while I have seen a number of very similar conversions, this one is the best of it's kind, again, due to the small details like the curly tail and the layers of brain and skin on the head.

Damn, I love it when gants are painted well!

I love these stealers. They are stock standard, but the paint job is great and I think everyone loves a good genestealer.

The harpy here is really nice. Hopefully when GW comes out with theirs (I hear it's soon), it will be at least this well done. I love the arms that feed into the gun arms. That is an idea I had never even thought of before!

Resin Crack!

These Hive Guard conversions are cool. I really had to do a double take to see that they weren't official models, which is the mark of a great conversionist!

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, Bobo can sculpt too. Check out the next couple of greens he built up for his spore pod.

That is just sick!!

Just add an amazing paint job and watch the jaws drop! It had to take serious dedication to build this and then paint it and for that, I salute an outstanding artist!

Forge World Malanthrope not your style, make your own!

Yet another great conversion pulled off!

One of the first creature I ever read about after Genestealers, the Lictor is easily one of the things that drew me toward Tyranids to begin with. I love the one posed on the rock!

The plastic Ravener is easily one of the best plastic models released by GW in the last couple years and seeing them painted like this makes me want to run them again!


I have received a lot of credit for the Drider Tervigon, but I have to say that this is far superior and combines the best Tyranid aesthetics and parts from multiple kits to deliver a monster that truly looks like it belongs in the army. I absolutely love and want to imitate it!

Finally, check out the Tyrant and his Guard. The Dakka arms and feeder arms here are perfect and the bulky crushing claw limbs make it look far superior to the other dakka arm conversion I have seen. What a way to cap off a great It Came From the Forums.

That's not all folks, go check out Bobo's project log on Warseer and check out the rest of his work, tutorials and pics from the sculpting process of some of these amazing conversions and don't forget to let him know what you think of this amazing artwork!


  1. Wow. This page has been bookmarked for future reference. Awesome work Bobo.

  2. Absolutely top stuff! All of it, modelling, sculpting, colour scheme... everything!

  3. Truly amazing stuff, Bobo! How long did the spore pod sculpt take? I do sculpts in a lot of small stages with plenty of curing time in between. A stupid little Plague marine takes me a couple of days to complete (maybe 30mins of actual work).

  4. Friggin amazing Nids... and I can't stand Nids :) But I can appreciate, admire and envy some amazing Hobby Skills!

  5. Hey man, how did you get that skin color?