Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dark Mechanicus Rejoice! The Blight Wheel Mantis Tank is Coming!

Old School here with a quick post urging you to check out Blight Wheel's upcoming Mantis Tank. There are tons of photos here, so let's take a look.

Clearly a great Sci-Fi mini for any game, I really see it having potential for Dark AdMech and Blood Pact players as a Stalk Tank! Also, this mini could make a really nice Defiler stand in or even a Soul Grinder for the AdMech themed Daemons armies out there (looking at you, Hulksmash!).

The tank look like it will be a lot of fun to paint with plenty of flat surfaces, balanced by lenses, small mechanical parts and weapons.

This beast has a small cannon on it's back, so it could stand in realistically for quite a few things (this would be the scariest Griffon Mortar ever, lol).

No matter what you do with it from playing on the table, to painting it for a display case, this is a beautiful mini.

Here is a pic for scale. If this mini excites you, check out Blight Wheels's store or their blog. You won't be disappointed. For a detailed review of the mini from an amazing artist, click here.


  1. God this is a sexy miniature, in the middle of an AdMech project and this could fit the bill for a good mid range uni-vehicle..

    Great find!

  2. Blight Wheel are going to be very good for my Blood Pact army as soon as they re-open.