Tuesday, January 17, 2012

13th Company Fenrisian Wolves

13th Company have gathered up some Fenrisian wolves....  I got a good deal on 30 of the old metal chaos warhounds.  For the most part they're wolf enough that I couldn't pass it up.  Plus, being 13th company the touch of chaos is acceptable to the design.  They look like they've been in the warp for a while.  I only painted a portion because I was intending to run one full squad of 15 and then be able to outfit 2 IC's with 2 wolves.

I really like the half torn faces these guys have.  When looking at the metal it doesn't seem like it but after a wash and dry brush the detail of flayed skin came out.  I for the muscle sinew type stuff I just used the foundation red with a delvan mud wash.  Then I used my same blood mix of red/black/sepia ink in Vallejo still water to make that shiny fresh look.  If you use the still water be sure to dull coat and then apply the still water.  Otherwise you loose the shine and whats the point?

This guy wins the crazy pose award of the 4 different poses they have.  Nothing lke a big lulling tongue hanging out.

Boring award winner....

I really like the face on this guy..or lack there of.  He has the eye still intact which is awesome and allowed me to really put that cat eye split pupil in there.  The eye area on the other models is so small that you don't see the detail very well but this guy lets you show case that you did the pupils.

I think the warhounds let me have fenrisian wolves and keep a 13th feel without having to use the terrible goblin wolf rider wolves.  I'm really looking forward to some tricky stuff with them and look forward to testing them out on the table top.


  1. Nice job, I love Fenrisian Wolves, here is my take on them


    BTW great stuff on your 13th Company

  2. great paint job! I like how wolves have fluffy tails tho so I have modified all my chaos hounds by putting green stuff on their tails. I also gave some green stuff ears. The tounge sticking out guy is my fav :)

  3. The wolf with the tongue is great, but my favorite is the one who looks like he just got his kidney stolen in some shady hotel in the Eye of Terror. What happens in the Eye, stays in the eye.