Wednesday, January 18, 2012

13th Company Contemptor #2

Some more 13th company got finished up last night.   I'm really pushing to have a full compliment of painted for the massacre tournament.  

Less dynamic than his brother, this guy is a little more subtle in his kill frenzy.  I also purchased autocannon arms for both of them, for more dakka.

Applied the forgeworld weathering powders to the feet.  Same dirty muddy effect I did on the rhino.

Brothers in arms.  I'm on a kick of running normal out of the box dreads.  One dread commonly gets pounded or ignored but two side by side supporting each other makes a really great anchor for a flank.  At 105 points each you can't beat how much they can effect the game.

Most suicide units costs more so you might as well take the dread.  Give them a try.  Don't worry about the drop pod, don't worry about your multimelta; those usually just end up causing you to do something stupid with them and get them killed before they do something important.


  1. Very Very Nice and gritty. I love it!

    He just oozes atmosphere!

  2. Love it. I have another contemptor coming in the mail.

  3. Looks fantastic - the weathering is very well done. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks guys, as always, the feed back I get from these keep me going and wanting to pump these guys out.

    I really encourage the weathering powders to everyone. I'm at the point now that I apply as lackadaisically as you'd apply a wash. They're so quick and effective for what you get. I can't push the powders enough. I would say that weathering effect took me, 120 seconds to do. Soot and mud both.

  5. Wow, stunning dreadnoughts. How did you make your snow on your bases? It doesn't have that fake powdery look, instead it looks like "wet snow." You might consider adding mud to the snow, it would tie the weathering on the dread's feet into the base.

  6. Matthew- Good point! I completely forgot that I experimented with that because of how white the snow was turning out compared to the dirty of the rest of the stuff.

    To make the snow I use Woodland Scenic's snow and Vallejo still water. Mix it until you get an almost clumpy consistency and then just spread it on. I use a cheap throwaway brush to mix and apply it. I love using it because with the still water, it doesn't come off. In fact, for the new dread, his forward foot is standing in it and I can't imagine he'll ever come off the base from that, let alone the pins in the other foot.

    I'll have to see if I can't ink into the bottom of the snow without it soaking all the way through. I know when its still wet and I've added ink to it, the ink completely saturates it.

    I ran a few tests of different snow types and ended up with a nice dirty snow mix by adding the weathering powder to the snow, I'll have to go back and try to get some on there. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. So

    You just keep upping the ante with every post about these guys!

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  9. I'll see your contemptor and raise you some homemade kans :)