Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Heresy Relived: SeerK Brings You Classic Battles Of The Heresy

I found 2 campaign packs when I was looking for old 40K source material on the web. It was a campaign weekend done at Warhammer world and Bugmans pub in the U.K. By the gaming group the Tempus Fugitives. It was called the Age of the Emperor and it detailed the major battles of the Horus Heresy. These packs include the stats for many of the personalities in the Horus Heresy novels as well as the Custodus, Sisters of Silence and the Cults of Davine. They also include Stat blocks and rules for the Primarchs. They have another Campaign weekend planned in March in England for those of you across the pond. Check out The Tempus Fugitives website for details.

So OST, Vogrin, CVinton and I will be doing some of these battles at the FLGS over the next few weeks and bring you the blow by blow highlights. Vogrin and local Daemon player Papa Nurgle squared off for our first classic battle. Sanguinius the Primarch of the Blood Angels versus the Ka'Bandha the lord of the Blood Thirsters.

Now to give a little bit of information on the Combatants.
According to the rules laid down in the campaign pack all Primarchs have the following Universal Special rules.
-Independent Character
-Eternal Warrior
-Feel No Pain
-Acute Senses
They have a 4+ invulnerable save and can Deep Strike. They may re roll failed wounds and also make all Space marines within 12” fearless. They may be targeted, even when joined to a unit, by shooting attacks due to their size and awe inspiring presence. They may also give up all their attacks to make one attack that auto hits and wounds and counts as AP1. They wear primarch armor which provides a 1+ save. Obviously this is for AP purposes as you still fail the save with a roll of a 1.
Sanguinius counts as Jump infantry and is armed with a +1 Str master crafted power weapon, frag grenades, a master crafted bolt pistol and melta bombs. He has the Surprise attack, gift of prescience and Rites of battle rules from codex Space Marines. He has Furious Charge and Preferred enemy. He also gets a bump to str and toughness when he is reduced to one wound. Stats are 10/6/6/6/5/6/5/10/1+

Ka'Bandha is obviously a Monstrous creature. He is able to assault after deep striking has a 3+ invulnerably save, FNP, Furious charge, Fleet and if he rolls doubles on his number of attacks ( which is2d6) he wounds himself with no saves permitted. He has the following Daemon gifts.
-Iron Hide
-Daemonic Flight
-Blessings of the Blood God
-Chaos Icon
-Axe of Khorne ( Causes Instant death)
his stats are 10/4/9/6/6/5/2d6/10/3+

The battle was fought on the walls of the Imperial palace as the forces of the Warmaster Horus laid siege to it. The walls were holding until Ka'Bandha charged at the head of a host of daemons and World Eaters. Sanguinius charged into the fray to stop this massive Daemon.

Vogrin played the part of Sanguinius While Papa Nurgle took on the guise of Ka'Bandha for this historic clash. When the dice flew for who would get the charge Vogrin came out on top and Sanguinius charged the massive Blood Thirster

Round 1
Sanguinius charged into the fray hitting 5 times and wounding 3 times. The dice were not with Papa Nurgle as he failed all three saves. Ka'Bandha swung back and the dice, apparently use to daemons of Nurgle, rebelled and rolled a double 1 for attacks dealing wound number 4 to Ka'Bandha. Both attacks hit home though and wounded. Vogrin rolled and failed both saves. This put Sanguinius up by 2, luckily he made both fearless saves. Round one to Sanguinius but he gets out with 3 wounds remaining and Ka'Bandha with only 1

Round 2
Sanguinius swung first again on the massive Daemon, but only manged two glancing blows that Ka'Bandhas warp spawned hide easily deflected. The Lord of Blood thirsters rolled decently getting 7 attacks and wounding 3 times. Sanguinius rolled and saved all but one of the wounds, the Axe Biting deeply into his flesh. Sadly this meant a fearless save which Sanguinius failed taking him down to one wound. Ka'Bandha laughed at the gush of blood form Sanguinius, but the blood enraged Sanguinius and the Black Rage overtook him, giving him +2 str and +1 toughness. Round two was savage and brought both of our warriors down to one wound each. Round two to Ka'Bandha.

Round 3
The two mighty warriors stepped back and circled one another like great hunting cats, sizing the other up after the furious exchange of blows. Sanguinius swung with all his might and hatred heaped upon the blows. He hit with all but one attack dealing 3 wounds. The Daemon parried all, but the last. With a mighty stab at the heart the Blood Sword plunged deep into the Blood Thirster. Screaming curses, its body was writhed in glowing tendrils of energy as it was dragged back to the hell dimension that spawned it, its tenuous grasp upon the material world torn asunder by the Primarch.

Victory Sanguinius.

The fight actually went pretty much how it is told in the “history books”. Sanguinius Tore Ka'Bandha a new one, but it was hard fought. The combatants were pretty evenly matched. As overpowered characters go these guys were pretty well balanced.

Next time I hope to settle a score that has been a long time coming. With Cvintons new 13th company project in full swing and OST's re-dedication to the Deathwing. I think its high time The Lion and The Wolf settle the score.

Until next time....

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Just wait until the Legions book drops :-) then it will be Xenos and Heretic scum

  2. Glad to see the TF's work is getting some wider recognition. Ulfhedin and Co. have put in a massive amount of work into their Heresy-era campaigns. I've enjoyed their work so much in fact that I'm crossing the pond in March to attend the next Age of the Emperor campaign weekend event!

  3. I really like the campaign stuff I have read by them. The rules sets for the different "historical" units are fantastic. They are very well thought out and balanced in my opinion.

  4. Incredibly cool rules and campaign setting.

  5. lol - Bilrae Cyrus of the Emperor's Children...