Sunday, December 18, 2011

Da Kabal Of Da Big Teef: My New Ork Project

Well I posted this latest project on Craftworld Lansing about a week ago, so I thought I would share it with the DFG readership. I am an Eldar fanatic. I have grown lax in my hobby as of late sadly. You can only build and paint so much Eldar before it becomes boring.

So I started an Ork Army. I call it “Da Kabal Of Da Big Teef”. Orks can loot anything so why not a bunch of Dark Eldar vehicles. BigMek Uzgrub “Urkon” Bigtoof was so impressed by how killy the pointy eared gits invading his base camp were he set a cunnin trap to catch them and liberate their dead killy weapons and vehicles.

So here is my first conversion for the army. This truk Was made using an old Dark Eldar Raider as a base. I had an unassembled truk kit around and some bits and gubbins from a battle wagon I recently acquired. I am a car guy so I had to make the drive Train logical, I know weird on an orky creation.

Although its a Truk its about the length of a battle wagon although not as wide. I am still deciding on a color scheme. Since the army is made of up Death Skull and Snakebite elements its probably going to be blue and red. Cuz da red uns go fasta!  I have some gap filling to do and then some painting.  I plan on putting some boyz on the side hanging off like the warriors on the new Raiders.

I will post More as I complete models. The next truk is going to be “flying” . It will involve def koptas and is inspired by the Osprey tilt rotor aircraft.

Until next time.................

Blood Runs, Anger Rises, Death Wakes, War Calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I love it! The idea is hilarious and the conversions look fun. I can't wait to see the Inkuboyz!

  2. It's about time those spiky panzees got looted! Look forward to this project!

  3. Thank you. I am really looking forward to the conversion posibilities. The inkuboyz are in the planning stages.