Thursday, November 3, 2011

Titan Forge Minis: 40k and Fantasy Alternatives for Grey Knights, Ogres, Chaos and More

Old School here with another GW alternative post. This time, I am looking at a company called Titan Forge Miniatures. This company currently has a line that includes Death Cult Assasin alternative models, some great tabbards and shoulder pads, several variations of Chaos Lord, a growing gang of Pirate Ogres and some Empire/ Bret style models like the Griffon above! Here are some photos and thoughts and of course, a link will follow at the bottom of the post, enjoy!

I like the griffon. It seems very large and impressive, which you can get away with in the fantasy range. I think models like this should make GW go back and update at least one of their current Griffon models! You know which one I'm taking about.

The standard bearer is a female for those who would like a female hero in your armies, aside from the Damsels ... or aside from the lack of females in the Empire range for Fantasy.

For the 40k Daemon player or the Warriors player in Fantasy, the company also makes a Chaos Lord/ Sorc that can either be on foot or mounted on this (very obvious) screamer model. I think it looks pretty cool and the site has way more pics of it.

Here are some of the tabbards I was talking about above ... hmmm, I wonder who they are for?

... a closer look.

and smaller tabbard for smaller (though just as obvious) folks.

The company also makes these shoulder pads which are COVERED in purity seals and scrolls. They are a little too much for my tastes, but they may appeal to somebody else out there.

Now, before you look at the next pic, please note that there are boobs and that you shouldn't look if you are not an adult.

Too late ... These models come with plenty of different head options and seem like a good way to add variety to your current Death Cult squads (though I would rather just convert). If boobs aren't your thing, cover them, or ... just move on.

The ogres, above all else, impress me. Their line of Pirate Ogres are perfect for folks looking for that kind of theme for their Ogre army or for people who are just looking to add a little flavor with their tyrant or their maneaters. Above is one of the heroes.

up next is the Snake Biter, a great model who looks like he is ready to throw down some voodoo with that beautiful snake and that HUGE machete. This is likely the model I will order from Titan Forge.

and here are their Pirate Crew and Banner models. I like the little touches, like the Ogre missing his nose and the peg leg on the banner Ogre. I really think these models are perfect for all the pistol toting maneaters the game is starting to see. The bases are also pretty impressive and the company has plans to make more Ogre models in the future.

Whether or not what you see here impresses you, I encourage you to take a look at their site, Titan Forge Miniatures and look at the full gallery. Maybe you will find something you like or they may have something on the horizon that impresses you. Either way, let's hear your thoughts on these minis.


  1. I love the "sky-devil" model. The thing is so large, it makes a nice chariot herald.

  2. Lots of good stuff here. The upgrade bits and the chaos lord model are all nice. Also at the risk of "rubbing" people the wrong way (no pun intended) since the models have boobs and some people freak out about that. I like the girls as possible DCA options. Great post man.

  3. In the grim darkness of the future... silicone still exists...

    But seriously, those are awesome

  4. The Ogre Pirates would make great Man-Eaters.