Friday, November 4, 2011

Initial Necron Thoughts ...

Well, I stopped by the FLGS and grabbed the Necron codex, poorer over it for about an hour with SeerK among others and have to say that the overall impression I got from it was pretty impressive on several levels ...

First, the codex ruleswise is pretty cool in the fact that it has so many new options. Both the selection of wargear and units grew exponentially. The core troops only include warriors and immortals, but the rest of the book contains flyers (one with a death ray and tesla weapons and one with tesla and a capacity for 15 models), walkers, (a stalker with a two shot multi Melta and heavy flamer wither essentially AV13 and living metal), and scarabs that eat armor saves.

I know some folks judged the anti tank as light and when compared to two meltaguns a squad, it is. Then consider that there are ways of filling s8 ap2 into your squad or even the HQs having s10 ap1 arrows!  That also doesn't take into account the walkers or the entropic attacks weeded out into several fast units.
I think I will be pretty exited to see the combinations of crytek and lord led squads with abilities and the synergies some units naturally have together.

Now, moving on, I will admit I didn't get far into the fluff, but I really do like the write ups in most of the unit entries, though Ward maintains his flair for the ridiculous with arrows that can pierce the heart of a mountain and such ... I also like the fact that the crons have their own personalities now and the C'Tan have taken a back seat and even that the lords don't all get along.

Finally, the models, while pretty legit have a few duds in my eyes and those would be the two character lords. They both look static and even a little awkward. The overlord is cool, though earily reminds me of War Machine. I do like the new plastic kits, but I think the necrons should have gotten the stalker and the flyer in the first wave.

Now, I will wait for the Necrons to awaken locally and see how the Death Wing and My Chaos Marines fair against them.

How about you? Have you read it? Let's hear your thoughts.


  1. I am a bit disappointed that I can't do force org swaps. The warriors and immortals are both still very squishy in melee. So the inability to use anything else in their place makes for fierce competition in the other slots.

    It does insure that every army has your basic ground pounders though.

    Over all I'm a happy evil robot. Lots of fluff to think about and dozens of combos of equipment and units to think of. Could have used less restrictions on my transports though. I can't gunboat my immortals. I can't ferry my lychguard or flayed ones to CC.

  2. So are the overlords metal dreadlocks an upgrade for him or solely a way for seerk to troll the stormlord? I can already hear him with a comment along the lines of whipping the hair back and forth.....

  3. I believe those dreaded offer a 2+

  4. I also concur with much of the internet when it comes to saying that the crons have the best ant-infantry shooting power to date aside from maybe venom spam, though the crons have a dazzling amount of low AP in anti infantry areas.