Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms: Thundertusk kit review with tons of pics!

Old School here and yesterday I decided to build the Thundertusk. Why? You say? I really wanted a beast that could help support my army since it is already good at beating on the little people of the Warhammer world AND I know that everyone is going to be building the super-sexy Stonehorn and I just wanted to be different! Let's take a look at this prehistoric mammal!
This kit is very impressive and a good example of GW at its best with plastic molding.

The whole model is really stunning and full of texture and motion. The kit itself came with TONS of little bits to hang everywhere, including little chickens, what looked like a headless squig, an empire swordman and a lot more. The kit also comes with enough parts that if you could bits order another rider body, saddle and beast body, you could also build the Stonehorn and save yourself a few bucks.

Told you there was a swordsman! Also, the kit came together easily, but you need to follow the directions! Without the directions the kits is super confusing, but with them, I was able to build the beast section in about an hour or so.

Aside from the beast, the best part of this model is the ogres. They have so much personality and are really well done in terms of sculpt and design. Perhaps there are so many ogres with eye patches because they like to pick their teeth with arrows while riding.

Aside from the tooth picker, they also have this 'bear trap on a chain' that they fling out to cause killing blows. The imagery of one of these things snatching somebody by the head is hilarious!

Size does matter. I love this kit and I think it represents some of the best plastic GW has ever created, but if you want one, stand by, because transportation and storage will be an issue unless you figure out a way to do it safely. You don't want any of the delicate parts (chain trap, crossbow, hanging gubbins ect) being broken off.

What do you guys think of the model? Anybody out there have one they would like to show off? Feel free to post your thoughts or toss up a link if you have one of your own!


  1. I really think the model is outstanding. I'm glad the Ogres got some serious new toy love .

  2. God that Thundertusk.stonehorn is a damn cool kit, almost makes me want to switch over for a bit :P

  3. A striking kit, and no mistake - alas artillery weapons will find it hard to miss a base that large . . .

  4. ya taht kit is just so awsome, suck that i don´t have any money atm tho. but one day i will have it :D

  5. The two kits you posted just reaffirm my love for the Ogre kingdoms.... and if i ever get around to seriously getting into fantasy... that is where I am headed.