Monday, September 5, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms: Ironblaster Kit Review with Pics

Old School here to take a look at the Ogre Kingdoms Ironblaster kit. I got the chance to build this model yesterday, so why not show off some pics and kick the tires a bit?

First off, like all the new plastic kits from GW, the overall quality and fit of the plastic was great. There was nothing that needed to be fit together that was odd or miscalculated. Furthermore, many of the parts that fit together would have little bumps or 'teeth' that would fit in divots one the opposite piece. This made it easy to line up two halves of the same plastic piece (I wish they would do that for some of the Eldar vehicles).  Aside from that, the kit came with a giant fold out set of instructions that made it fairly easy to figure out where everything is.

Now onto the overall look and feel. This model is covered in great little details. The cannon itself is embossed with mythological scenes from the sky titans it was stolen from (back when Seven-Bellies only had three bellies to his name). The cannon is also actually driven by the little Gnoblar hidden under the cannon. I am guessing he 'drives' the beast with the spear he is armed with!

The kit comes with a ton of random stuff to load onto the back of the chariot, including barrels, treasure chests, scrap (for the scraplauncher) and Gnoblars. I chose the treasure chest and a bunch of barrels. The cart is actually made of a ton of scrap (almost Orky), including piece of a dwarven ruin, some kind of chaos alter and the Ogre is actually standing on a wooden castle door. 

Here is another look from the side. This kit has tons of little rivets and lots of texture, from the fur to the horns and the metal and Ogre flesh, which should make this a LOT of fun to paint. I also like the overall character of the model and the comic relief built into it, like the Gnoblar driver and the whole Fred Flinstone idea of this giant cannon mounted on tusks and shot by a big guy with a couple straps.

Overall, the kit took about two hours to assemble, but was a lot of fun and left me with a ton of bits that I can spread across the army. I think GW continues to hit it out of the park with their new plastics and this model is no exception.

Has anybody else out there got their hands on this thing yet? If so, share your experience or just let me know what you think of the kit as you see it here. Either way, comments are always welcome.

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  1. If i collected Fantasy, my army would definately be Ogre Kingdoms! These news kits are the NUTS!