Sunday, July 24, 2011

Old School Terminator Comes Out of Hiding!

Old School here (it's been a while since I typed that) to say that I have returned from my self imposed break from the blog and officially return DFG to its regularly scheduled posting. What happened? Real life ... being an adult with a job sucks sometimes, but those are the breaks. Now that it is over, I am eager to hit our readers with the regular posts they signed up for in the first place. Thabks to CVinton for holding the fort and thank you to those of you who hung with us.


  1. Thanks for the welcome back gents!

    @Anonymous - grow a pair and post with a name when you troll, coward.

  2. Man I wonder where you went. I have not been able to make it up to Lansing.

    welcome back.

    I wonder if thats the same sackless anonymous that trolled one of my posts last week?