Monday, July 25, 2011

New Fantasy/ Vampire Counts sneek peek = 40k possibilities! (pics)

Old School here to show off some pics from the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy releases. First up, it looks like there is another HUGE kit coming out, this time for the Vampire Counts. The pic above is one option for it, while the pic below is the zombie dragon.
Both sides look pretty nice in terms of visual effect, though I have found a lack of detail on the larger models lately (arachnarock and the sphinx). 40k-wise, the zombie dragon hits the spot for me as a Chaos Player. The wings will be perfect for Nurgle themed Princes or for Skarbarand.
I also think the pose and scale is right on the zombie dragon to use as a base for Angron the Daemon Primarch. He would be fairly larger than his Bloodthirster friends and all you would need is a headswap, some epic looking arms and a little conversion work to push the arms back. I need to hold a kit in my hands before I would name the parts I would use to fit the missing parts to scale, but there is potential.

The wraith and Banshee are alright - though it seems like they are going to be in those odd single figure plastic blisters like the storm of magic stuff. I really don't like how they have priced the SoM plastic singles as if they were pewter figures. It sets a precedent that I don't really like.
Graveyard = Meh for me, sorry.

The Tzeentch herald looks great and is obviously a SoM addition. 40k players shouldn't need a whole lot of help coming up with ideas here, lol!

Well there you have it folks. At least one potential project there for me in the future. Now it is time to see what you 40k and Fantasy players think of this new gear!


  1. I really like the Wraith and Banshee. Not that I have any use for them...

  2. "I really don't like how they have priced the SoM plastic singles as if they were pewter figures. It sets a precedent that I don't really like."

    Isn't that basically the same with all Finecast™ models? They're priced higher, actually.

  3. Muggins,

    The difference is that Finecast is meant to replace the pewter line and be the "go-to" agent for more detailed models like special characters.

    What I am worried about is that now, when they turn something that would have been pewter into a plastic set of models, they will instead continue to sell them individually but in plastic to jack up the price.

    A good example would be the fantasy minotuars. They were around $20 each in pewter (which would be $22 these days), then they were turned into a plastic box of three for $45. This made the new ones not only better, but a value. Now imagine if they made them plastic, but then sold them individually. Even if they were $15 a peice, they would each be subject to tax ect. Not to mention that based on the prices of single wizards in plastic, they would likely be at $20 each, negating the value of a boxed set.

    I did not jump on the hate wagon when Finecast came out or during the price hikes, but if they move in this direction, I vow that I will buy a cast kit and cast everything from now on - that is just straight gouging.

  4. @OST,
    Mantic Games are bringing out their SF line later this year so that might give you an alternative source for cheaper figures?

  5. The Mantic stuff I have seen so far is not that great. It may get better if the games take off and they may if 6th edition pisses enough people off.

    The pricing on the individual plastic figures is no real great surprise. GW's new strategy seems to be pushing the limits on what the market will bear. The real key for lower prices would be to basically stop buying GW products for a while.

    Anybody want to join a week or even a month long boycott just to send a message? I will be putting a FB page or even another blogger site possibly to rally the troops as it were