Friday, July 1, 2011

Forge World Releases Pre-Heresy Pattern Dreadnought!

 I got out of work to discover that Forge World has brewed up another special dose of their resin Spanish Fly just in time for me to whip out my dollars! I have seen so many conversions of the Pre-Heresy pattern dreadnoughts and always thought there was something off about them, but I loved the artwork and always thought some company would make one someday ... and now Forge World has done it and have pulled it off much better than I concieved.

I like the fact that it looks like a terminator - Now it is clear where the term "Tactical Dreadnought Armour" came from. The model doesn't have a lot of chapter markings which is nice because people will want to add their own markings and design elements. Also, the model hold potential for making Daemon Primarchs (as a base model anyway), daemon Princes, better looking dreadknights ect. While we are at it, let's take a look at the weapons put out so far ...

 First up is the lascannon. Now it is the only heavy weapon out so far, but I am sure there are more to come.
The fist is the best part. It is just plain cool. I love the shape of the hand and the finger placement. If I don't buy the dreadnought, then I will certainly use the fist for something. The arm seems highly posable on the dreads, which is a welcome departure from the box with guns stck to it we have now. Seriously, how does technology keep getting worse in the future!? Best part is; they obviously are making the fist for both sides!
For more of this model, check it out at Forge World! I think it looks great and I plan to pick one up, but who cares what I think (I once made out with my cousin), what are your thoughts on the new old dread?


  1. Love that last comment, hahaha.

    Yeah I'm all about this release. I don't think I've seen such a cool model before now. I'm actually going to pick up a pair of them, though I will only use one in my Red Scorpions, I might paint the other as a display piece or something.

    So badass.

  2. Was the cousin at least hot? Not sure I could live with knowing you otherwise. Lol.

  3. I like the pre-heresy pattern, but its not like the blasted imperium of man can hold my attention or interest for long.

    Personally I have never has a fondness for dreadnoughts. I have the opinion that outside of the rifle dread, this models belong in a showcase not on the field of battle. Although I do have a soft spot for the Dreadnoughts which the Blood Angels chapter have access to.

    I feel that a CC dreadnought lacks the attacks to really make them deadly. I do, however, would like to see (when 6th ed. comes out) dreadnoughts being able to control how at least how some of the wounds get allocated.

    I never appreciated that A dreadnought and *crunch* 3-5 models in CC and then get taken because my opponent happened to have a warlock or a powerfist, thunder hammer,power claw, or chainfist etc... hidden inside the unit making it far to easy to crush the 100+ points walker if he doesn't massacre the unit point back

  4. This honestly looks so much better than the normal dread.

    I think the whole technology thing makes sense. As the mechanium started getting more and more religious with their views on technology they started to understand things less and relied more on rote and ritual. remember the heresy was like 10,000 years before the present fluff. technology was lost and destroyed because it was not in line with what the emporer wanted. That petty warlord


  5. I always thought that the chaos legions should be able to advance their tech on their own forge worlds, plus mix in demonic touches. They wouldn't mind xenos tech either.

    I myself don't get the old school dread. I am pretty new to the hobby and I really like the plastic dreads and the forge work stuff. I want my dreads bulky and boxy :) Then again I am not found of all the old style power armors either. Go figure :) I do find it very cool of FW to make them!

  6. The experimental rules for it are actually pretty awesome. Its ws 5 and a 13/12/10 dread. He then has a 5++ vs shooting and a 6++ in combat. Lastly he has fleet. His arms are pretty cheap and id kit him with just 2 fists and let him act likean ironclad. 175 base and 185 with the arm. Also the rules state that until there is a chaos version chaos players can use him.

  7. I think that the fist is actually reversible (looks it to me) as the fingers don't appear to be specific to a side and the thumb is placed centrally. Its not so much that they are making a different fist, but are using the same one on both sides, just reversing/rotating the fingers

  8. I gotta be honest I love the look of it although I don't really use forgeworld rules but I just want to use it for my standard dread in my grey army...