Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DFG Painting Challenge: Talos 'Soul Hunter'

Roll out the red carpet for my first Night Lords model.  I built it last night and finished painting it this morning.  The scheme is pretty cool and I love airbrushing blues.  I took inspiration for the character from the book, so read about him on the lexicon or wiki and see where the inspiration is on the model.

The model's lower half is a trimmed up old school death company.  I cut off the wings on the skull on the right knee and all the belt attachments to allow for the armor plate to fit.  In the books Talos took his chest plate off of an Ultramarine so I set him up with the MK VIII figuring those pretty boys would have the newest fanciest armor.

Talos carries a sword from a fallen Blood Angel.  Its described as a power weapon but the way he just wrecks face with it, I see it as a rune weapon.  So, he gets a big ass two handed golden sword.

Nostramo is (was) a sunless world.  Night Lord's ships are constantly dark and thus have become as pale as world of warcraft players.  Also, their eyes are completely black as part of their mutation to the planet.  Its not visible on in the pictures but I attempted to make visible veins under the skin and it actually turned out.  I used a glaze to make thin (thickness and opacity) lightning blue lines and then glazed over that with white after the purple/red wash.  The wash I used I mixed myself and if I had to name it I'd call it 'pain'.  Its warlock purple and purple ink thinned with water/flow aid and matte medium.

As the final disgrace I penned his name in the shoulder scroll and his company in the pack scroll.  Spineless thin blood....


  1. Very cool! That turned out to be a very dynamic pose, and the paint scheme looks great. Keep up the great work!

  2. I like the pose and the actual color choices, but I think there could be some serious work done on the highlighting, man. I would love to see this model when it is finished.

  3. Im with OST on this one. Im a fan of the pose, but it just seems to be lacking highlights. IMO you need to go back to the roots of painting and put that airbrush down and pick up a brush again.

    Maybe its just a personal opinion of mine, but i feel that airbrushing is a good way to get things done fast and easily, but i feel it can also be extremely over done and relied on too heavily.