Friday, June 3, 2011

Tourney Time Tomorrow! Get You Butt Kickin Pants On!

Old School here to remind everyone that we are going to be hosting our first Tourney of the Summer tomorrow and more importantly, the first tournament ever at Game Links in Fowlerville MI. We have a ton of folks pre-registered and if you haven't yet, I already made the roster, so I recommend getting there early. The prizes are going to be pretty awesome and you are going to have a team of T.O.s from across the state of Michigan ready to make sure everything goes well.

I am sorry if you aren't local and hate reading this stuff, but this is what we live for locally! By the way, I am not linking this thing, so hit the widget in the middle right if you want to know more!

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  1. I might have swung by to check out the event but I am stuck working this weekend in Pittsburgh.