Monday, June 6, 2011

The Beginning of the end of the beginning.... A new army on the horizon

As every hobbiest knows, at some point during their time playing the game, they become unhappy with how things currently are happening, on how their army performs, or how their color scheme is coming together.

Personally… I have none of these problems, I love my Imperial Guard. I love the models I use (mmmm D.K.K.), I love the multiple ways my army can be played, and almost every game I play I perform well, and win a good chunk, far far more than I lose, and I absolutely LOVE my dirty, grimy mud filled look my army has, no matter what others think or say about it (and thank you to those who appreciate it, and ask questions about it).

However, some part of me has finally decided that it is time to move forward and discover a new army, experience a new style of play, see the world from another perspective. So now begins the journey… yet do not be afraid my dear friends, my Guard are still my love, and I still will play them often, and continue to paint the models that still need to be painted and assembled…. But what should my new army be? Such is a question that has been plaguing me for the past month (during which I for some god awful reason I haven’t played a single game I think).

I have however narrowed my choices down to what I think are four very good, very fun armies, maybe five once the love for GK goes down a bit. In no particular order are the armies I am looking at.

1. Dark Eldar – besides the fact they we do not have many D.E. players at the local store, I enjoy their look and feel, along with the speed involved in their play, they are a far departure from my current style of sit in a corner and make you work for it with my Russ line taking you apart. The eldar are nice and assault but with strategy needed in order to properly find what you -should- assault.

2. Nids – A favorite of our beloved Old School, and quite an interesting army. I like the look of the models, and the diversity of styles, along with the multiple methods of entry onto the board, and the plain ass toughness of the models. Plus the paint schemes are -wide- open to whatever a person wants out of them, giving way to much fun in the hobby side of things.

3. Blood Angels – A fast moving marine army, with plenty of different methods, and plenty which I think have been cast aside far too quickly by the majority of people out there, and with the GK codex out and the Imperial Guard strategies changed because of it, I find the possibilities nearly endless with the army. Unfortunately I have been heavily discouraged by my friends from starting another imperium army, and while I don’t disagree that it would be nice to get a feel for the Xenos, the idea of 3+ armor saves is VERY nice.

4. Orks – What can I say about the Orks, they again have some amazing lists, great variation in play styles, AMAZING conversion possibilities, and are ALWAYS a fun time to play against and with. Plus there is a lot in their armies I think are underused because they are inconsistent (which is half the fun of Orks). The negative is they are an older codex now, and showing it in some areas, however they still win A LOT in our area, and they still have quite a bit of power as shown at Adepticon this year.

So what do you all think? What army do you think I should start and why? Perhaps it is one not on this list and you want to argue for it?

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Well this is a weird post, considering most people are consolidating right now instead of purchasing new armies since GW has started gouging even worse :(

    I'd say go Xenos.

  2. Well u already play imperium and we don't have a dedicated blood angels player. Blood angels have so many different playstyles that would be very different from your current playstyle that it would be a good change of pace. I vote for blood angels

  3. Steve, I think a tyranid army is right up your alley and I even think I know where you can get one ...

    Seriously though, I think you could do a lot with the ork codex and I think you could also have a lot of fun with it as well. Other than that, DE and Nids are pretty expensive to jump on from scratch, so BA are a possibility.

  4. TYRANIDS! I've got 4 Guard armies, and the 'Nids are the only thing thats tempted me away from them! I tried Dark Elddar, but couldn't get into them, same story with the Grey Knights. I think Tyranids are the Guard players alternative!!

  5. Wow... does this mean I'll see something other than the Death Korps at Adepticon next year? That'd kinda bring a tear to my eye... I like your DKK.

    To throw in my two cents though, I think some sort of low-model count army would give you a new, refreshing feel for the game in general, so my vote would be for the Blood Angels from your list of 4... But I'd also like to toss in there a Deathwing army as a possibility as well. You can get a good few variations in there and who doesn't like to see bevy of Terminators matching down the field or dropping in the backfield?

    BTW, your comment about not seeing anything on my own blog this year back at Adepticon? Check out the new blog I've got going on. (I'd link it here but I don't know if that's kosher... should be able to get to it through my profile though!)
    Look forward to seeing what you decide on!


  6. Is it going to be a play for fun army or a project army?

    Orks far and away fill both roles, and quite honestly there are lots of variant builds you can run, maybe not all of them are the height of competetive, but you can never really count orks out.

    I'm a die-hard DE player, and the new models are great, but depending on your style of play with them, they can be kind of tough to play, and play against.

  7. Necrons Steve.....i wanna see you play crons.

  8. Gun Grave: Man... both the fact that you and OST play Nids really make them tempting... but heck me and you are already close enough on our passions... its like you are my alternate on the otherside of the world... but skinnier... lmao

    Muggins: Ya I am heavily leaning towards Xenos... which I guess should not be tooo much of a wild idea... *cough*For The Emporer*cough*

    DeathBringer: Good point, but the army i would want to run with them is the -most- expensive due to how much jump packs costs

    Tim: Hey now... lets not get crazy... my DKK are always going to at least -be- at Adepticon, if not played. Which btw... you owe me a game or two sir.... and we need to share some drinks next year, and I am sure we will arange where that will be for the Thursday night again.

    Xzandrate: Its both really, i want it to look good, i want to have fun playing with it, and i want to be at least semi competitive so that I actually have to make opponents work for it. As for the DE comment, I am not afraid of a challange, I played Imperial Guard before the new codex came out, and won with them, which was not easy in those days.

    Captain Obvious: No... just no....

  9. What kind of blood angels army are you looking to try and run? I have a hard time believing blood angels would be more expensive then dark eldar or tyranids. I've ran blood angels and im building dark eldar and the dark eldar are only halfway done and more expensive then the blood angels I had when done and I ran heavy mech with five assault squads. And seeing the amount of models nids put on the table they would be pretty expensive too.

  10. No Marines, Friends don't let friends play marines.

    I would say orks steve, I am considering orks too as I don't see myself getting mad playing them. they are just to fun.