Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Commission Completion; Chaos and Grey Knights...sort of...

I know I'm way way way behind on the painting challenge so I decided I needed to get out the commissions I have so I can work on my own stuff and get back on track.  In my sleep less evenings I've been working on guardsmen after guardsmen after guardsmen to get my IG army finally finished.  Expect a flood of grey and black camouflage in the future (and part 2 of that weathering video with the Leman Russ in it.  I know,  I'm a lazy bastard!).  For now enjoy a chaos lord with human flesh cloak and a super old school Armorcast Grey Knights Shadow Sword...I'm willing to bet its the only one ever...

The cloak and claws were done with an airbrush.  The renegade chapter is the Sons of Vengeance out of the 5th edition codex.


  1. I love the cloak, man! Much better than I pictured when we texted about it. The old school baneblade looks like an original Nintendo, lol!

  2. That totally does look like a nintendo! Nicely put.

    I was really happy with that cloak too. It took a lot of back and forth with the dark and light colors to get it right but I'm glad I got a commission to practice on. Loyalists don't often wear cloaks made of dead flesh....but Night Lords would....