Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Loyal Son Falls to Chaos!

I am about to totally bust CVinton out of the chaos closet while he sleeps. Oh, it makes me happy to see a former Salamander and Ultramarines player (who also owns a guard collection equal to the dollar value of the Nation's deficit.), fall to the dark gods ... And the best part is that it is CVinton and he does things in style. Just look at this WIP photo of a Night Lords rhino! He is going to flip when he sees this, but I don't care, I get off on the fall of loyalists and this is the best yet! Let this traitor know what you think of his "secret project"!
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  1. Dammit, the phone turned the word 'the' into Tue, and I can't fix it until morning, when I get around a working computer. I may have laughed first, but Droid the Betrayer laughs last!

  2. AHhahah The NIght time is the right time, the night time is the right time.

    I kind of figured you would do night lords as they look "clean"

    welcome to the dark side.

  3. You bastard...

    Why couldn't you let me be a closet chaos player. Now I have to tell my parents before they read this!

  4. If the rumors of a chaos legion codex are true, he'll have a sweet looking army to play it with when (if) it hits.

    Isn't it the night lords that have lightning on their armor? Can't remember and don't have the energy to go get my chaos space marines codex :)

  5. They do. I just hope he follows the soul hunter books and ditches the bat helmets.

  6. This will never be finished. It was striped yesterd after I was told twice "they're really clean". That's 2 things; I don't need yet another so fresh and so clean. Second, I would be missing the whole reason I'm loving night lords so much.

    Night lords are dying. At least the ones I like. They're space pirates who hate the emperor but still hold certain loyalist qualities and becauuse of that they don't get to be the rich high school quarter backs of chaos that black legion gets to be. They're scavengers of friend and foe alike. Night lords don't have artificers for each space marine and tech marines for every vehicle.

    They still wear heresy armor and if they have anything new its off imperial thin bloods and defaced in defience.

    My night lords will be all of these things. If I wanted to b spoiled rich kids id play blood angels or ultramarines.