Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Dark Eldar up for Pre-Order: Talos/cronos, Venom, Scourges, Battleforce!

 Old School here to get the word out that the Venom, Cronos/Talos, Scourges and new DE battleforce are all up for pre-order at GW. Let's take a look at the models and the sprues.

The venom is a vyper-esque vehicle which shouldn't come as a suprise and many converters should be happy their conversions came so close to the intended model. At $30, it is priced like a land speeder. Here are the pics from the sprues -

 Next up is the Cronos, which comes as a plastic box which can make either the talos or the cronos. I think it is a little Warmachinish - but it looks alright and it really looks just like the codex art. Box price is just shy of $45.

 ... and the Talos, a huge improvement from that little old kit that used to represent the Talos - once again, a little Warmachinish, but still a solid model. What gets me exited though are the sprues.

 As a converter, I see a lot of opportunity for making daemon princes with these sprues. The little blades and hooks, The Spinal Columns (there are many of them) and even the head, torso and tail all offer some unique material for making a deamon prince stand out from all the plastic clones. Check out the sprues.

 Next up is the scourge box, which looks very nice, even though they didn't give us any sprue shots. I like the choice of angel wings or daemon wings and it would be nice if there are five of each in the boxes, but we won't know until the black boxes ship!

 and finally, the battleforce, which has some useful stuff in it, so it may be one of the better forces released lately, depending on what you are looking for.

There you have it folks, the stuff is up there. Here is the US page. Let us know what you think of these new models.


  1. There are some great looking conversion opportunities for the chaos players in there!
    The wings on the scourge are particularly appealing.

  2. The Scourges are great. My new favorite 40k models. Amazing wings.

  3. Ha! I beat you to it! Mwahahahahhahahahahahah... *cough* hahahHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH *cough* *cough* *spits blood* *falls dead on ground*

    In all seriousness these are some schmexy Scourges, aren't they?

  4. I fear for my bank account. Every single model of that wave looks nice and the prices are okay too. Can't compare them to the lackluster warpbeast wave.

    Talos should be called a bits-heaven for any Conversion-freak, esp. those chaos and (dark)ad-mech players. Gonna get myself 1-2 kits and try to kitbash them with some eldar wraithlords.

    Scourges are neat too, nice stock for building plastic swooping hawks or lot of jump-pack based troops in non-SM armies.

    Viper is nice. not that much of an eyecatcher, but it sits nicely between DE and Eldar aesthetics. Pretty good choice for corsair themed armies and I expect them to be featured in the upcoming IA11 book for a pure corsair army list.

  5. Fantastic models, I wish I could play DE because of these models.

  6. I'm extremely psyked to build those guys. I liked the concept of scorges, and am glad they made the cut for re-issue; i already field a nasty force with a venom, will be nice to have the actual model... not sure if I can make use of the talos or chronos, but there's only one way to find out!

  7. Nice models. Must ... resist ...

  8. Hmmm these models are tipping me towards going for these leather clad models as my second army... them and Orks are head to head.