Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dark Eldar Grotesques and Wracks pics, resin peeks

 Old School here with some pics I stole straight from GMort- pics of the Dark Eldar Wracks (above) and Grotesques (below) and a few looks into the budding GW finecast line. Let's take a look;
Alright from the look of the wracks, I am nervous that they may be finecast, which will mean squads will be unaffordable for the majority of folks out there. The poses look very static with not a lot of variation across the squad. Let us hope these models are plastic, for the sake of the DE players out there and not another total failure as beast squads were.

 The grotesques are for sure finecast, look at that single pose across all three models. Shame, but not as bad as it will be if the wracks are finecast.

 ... and the Homey that everyone has likely seen already. I like it.

 Here is a snapshot of the resin catalog. I spy a hive tyrant, which makes me happy as converting the old metal one is a serious PItA. While I wish the prices would have dropped as they moved away from metal, the truth is, I would pay more to be able to convert models. What I would like to know, is how will they spot conterfeiters when the weight issue goes away?

And that is what the fine cast will look like on the sprue. I for one am happy about it, if not totally happy with the DE stuff. Enoguh of me though, what do you all think?


  1. Wow, those are beautiful! I'm seriously thinking of rolling my Dark Eldar for a few months just to have the most beautiful models in the whole room (I'll probably be the only DE player in said room).

    Damn they're sexy.

  2. The dark eldar models are seriously some of the best that GW has ever made. For a moment I thought I regretted selling my soul to chaos... but then the moment passed :)

  3. I hope they convert more of the special characters to plastic. Would be great to be able to convert them easily. I'm having my eyes on a Kahn that I want to turn into a IF version :)

  4. Ugh I really like they are switching to resin, but the cost is going to bankrupt players. this single pose crap is for the birds.

    I like the Haemonculus. I hope we have more than just the one pose and that they have several arm options.

    I am going to rage if the wrack units are expensive. if they are in the 40 or 50 range I better get a full unit and a "hows your father"

  5. agreed. i want the full 10 with the liguifiers to go with the squad if they are running a higher price. whats with the finecasrt stuff? sure it looks good and all but why exactly? why keep the prices the same if they may even seem to increase them after finecast?

  6. Honestly, im not impressed.
    GW claims to make the top range miniautres, and how the counterfete miniatures are of such poor quality... i bought acouple by mistake, and those counterfetes were better than GW standard.

    The miscasts and molds are worse than the forge world casts, and not much better really than the metal ones. They should really perfect there molding of the current materials before jumping into something else...

    and the price too, even though i will think twice about gettin these casts, i will still purchase international rather than in my own country.

    if you look over at warseer, someone has posted a heap of pics and problems with there finecast chaplain.
    ill list a few of them:
    huge amounts of bubbles.
    alot of mold slips.
    excess resin 'chunks' in places on the miniature.
    they arent anything like Forge World resin, its alot worse from what ive read and seen in friends products.