Thursday, April 14, 2011

This is Sparta! Chapterhouse Studios releases Spartan Helmets for Marines

Old School here with a quick post - lunch/ pre-dinner bite sized post for you. Chapterhouse Studio has released a five-peice set of Spartan style helmets "compatable" for use with Space Marines. I thought these helms looked interesting, in particular the one on the far right and the second in from the left.

I can imagine that we are now just THAT much more likely to see an Ultramarine army that includes a Sergeant kicking a guant off his base screaming "This! is! Macragge!"

Anyway, if these interest you, they are currently selling for $5.50 a pack over at Chapterhouse Studios. Let's hear your thoughts on these helmets.


  1. I've bought from chapterhouse several times, and I've always been happy with what I've received.

  2. This look great and would go well with the spartan shields I seen(I think also from chapterhouse??). I would be interested to see someone use these with grey knight halberds.

    40k spartans ftw?

  3. Could these be used for Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves? I'm considering buying some of these for that very purpose.