Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tau get a boost!

Sammy here with a bit on the new Tau Empire FAQ. well as with all the other most recent codex faq, changes have been made to make the army a bit better in game play. however with the tau, GW has once again only given the slightest boost so that now drones attached to vehicle don't count for kill points if the vehicle is destroyed. no point changes, nothing. so now the tau can have peace of mind that they will now only loose most of the time and not every time. this is, in my opinion a very unfortunate thing for GW to have done (if your gonna make changes, make changes, don't just half a$s it.). anyway and with that i do believe that tau will not be getting a codex this year which some rumors have stated i expect a Necron Dex long before the greater good gets a chance for the "fourth sphere expansion" (i see what u did there....). the new FAQ can be downloaded here.

till next time.....


  1. I still believe that there is hope for a tau dex,s

  2. Still think we should piss all over GW when they do something good. We should instead chant "more, more, more!". Give us more FAQ releases please. More fixes please.

  3. I just wish they would have paid Tue kind of attention to this faq update that they did for DA and BT, but it does fix them for tourneys like adepticon and other kp missions, so good on them. Agree with Flezzko on this one.