Saturday, April 2, 2011

On Friday we did....

So Friday brought some hangovers, more drinking and for some of us, long games in the championship tournament and killzone. As the tournament started for the championships the DFG got off to a roaring start, I don’t have specifics about every game, but suffice to say The Judge, Vogrin, and CVinton went 3-0. Our good friend SeerK from Craftworld Lansing drew his first round which was a disappointment but he still felt good so he continued on. The second round however took a sickening turn, SeerK hit a mob of orks over 150 strong and fell to the green tide, and afterwards he decided to withdraw. The Judge ran across his first mass body nids and took a loss as well but stuck with it. Vogrin played a “way too similar” army and eeked out a win and CVinton won against an Eldar player but it was close as well. The next two rounds I am not to sure about, but I know that in the end our highest placing member was ranked 78th out of around 250ish players. We will take this result and work on bettering it next year and perhaps make it to the second round.

As for Old School’s Killzone results I will let him talk more about it, and if any of the guys who played in the tournaments will have to post more in detail about their experience.

Tonight I will be participating in the combat patrol, really just for fun as I don’t have a display or anything really solid in terms of a list.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....


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