Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adepticon Pics - Coolminiornot booth, Crystal Brush teaser

 Old School here, sorry for the lack of postage yesterday, but we were all playing something yesterday! So, I want to open things up by smacking you with a MILLION PHOTOS! ... ok, not a million, but many. Enjoy the mini-porn
The first thing I want to cover is the Coolminiornot booth. They sell everything from Soda Pop models to Scibor's full range and in addition have a case filled with the best models I have seen in person, drool with me for a minute ...

 While not all the CMoN stuff was 40k, it doesn't matter, the comic geek inside me freaked out over those Marvel models and I generally love great paintjobs, so I wanted to share my amazement!

Next, a few shots of GMM's Mad Morks, which tied for best appearance in the GT.

 I couldn't help but faun all over the Mad Morks and I cannot believe that he managed to put together an army that goes toe to toe with last year's Scallywaggin'

Next up is a brief teasrer of some of the models from the Crystal Brush case. I want to brag it up a little first and show you that CVinton's Predator and my Nurgle Vindicator both got into the case and were placed next to each other (shakes fist at CVinton).

 Some great models came through here, including this amazing portal!
 This Marine here was spinning earlier in the day, but when I grabbed my camera, it stopped. Just to let you know though, the cape is EPIC ... to bad I can't show you.

 GD level models as well ...
 Skateboarding Nobz

 Here is where I got a lump in my throat and spoke in a tiny voice. This model is out of control and I think will be the best painted large scale model ... just my prediction.

That is it for now, we are going to go hit the Team Tourney and take some pics and I am going to demo Kill Zone for the guys on the free tables.

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  1. Congratulations on getting into the case. Hope you guys are having loads of fun for those of us who can't make it.

    That model is FreakForge, from the BnC. He has done several Primarch models. Can see them in this thread here...