Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Tomb Kings = Happy Thousand Sons/ Tzeentch Converters!!

 Old School here to talk about the "accidental" conversion opportunities that are now available due to the cross release of the Grey Knight and Tomb Kings books as well as just some general fun conversion opportunities for more traditional players who prefer their Thousand Sons as traitors!

This post will include some photos of the new Tomb King advance orders as well as some ideas I hope somebody will run with!
Above, we see the Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights. They instantly make me think of the ethereal familiars the T-Sons had in the book Thousand Sons and I can see Tson Sorcerors converted from plastic riding atop these snakes being used as obliterators. The variant weapons in game can be explained by the various forms of sorcery that the powerful familiar can bring a sorceror. I am not sure how that would transfer for the GK dex, but I also beleive that these could work well for a daemon player who wanted some "Tzeentch Crushers" or some really cool models to pull his chariots. They also look very good for Slaaneshi mounts, a suitable plastic fiend, ect.

 Alright the Khemrian Warsphinx/necrosphinx/blah-blah-blah is AMAZING! Now THAT would make an awesome Pre-Heresy Thousand Son Dreadknight! Imagine a legio cybernetica bot themed completely to the sons' flavor. If you don't like the lower half, scrap it and give it some dreadknight legs, but I would take it as/is That is awesome! For the Chaotic TSon player, this version or the version below could easily be used for a greater daemon or defiler. Likewise, a daemon player can now have some pretty amazing soul grinders! or a much cooler fateweaver conversion!

 Now I know skeletons don't fit the bill at first glance for 40k, but look a little closer. There are a lot of bits here for the pre-heresy fans. There are even more for the Chaos Tson fan who wants to make his rubrics display a skeletal head complete with headdress to represent their rubric statis. There are plentiful khopesh conversion opportunities for those who want egyptian themed weapons and the models could even be used to fit the idea of Tzeentch Plaguebearers.
All-in-all, from a 40k players stance, the kits look great, have tons of potential and are a must have for people looking at pure tzeentch themed army. I just hope these ideas spur your thoughts. I know the pics are a little smal, so here is a link to the advance orders.

I would be interested in what Fantasy players think and what they think of the new rumors of the TK and what it means for 8th ed armies out there!


  1. I said exactly the same thing to Kirby today. Great models and perfect for 1k sons convertors. Odd that they came out at the same time as GK... some would say it wasn't coincidence...

  2. lol, funny how that works, but at least maybe the design studio thinks the same way we do ... and so do the corprate guys who have taken the counts as era in stride and found a way to add revinue.

  3. The thousand sons blood crushers is fantastic. I love that idea. I really hope to see that happen. A tzeench demon army, fateweaver would finally be happy about those rerolls going to his fellow patrons.

  4. *Does not want to see Thousand Sons using the Space Wolves codex and the Necropolis Knights as Thunderwolf Cavalry-counts as*

  5. They're really awesome models. Insane prices. TK are my army for fantasy and I'm sad I'll get less of the new models because of the price.

    Re: 40k stuff, meh. They're skeletons and mummies

  6. Yeah, no interest in a T-Wolf for T-sons (just seems wrong anyway), but I do like the oblit idea!

  7. I think the Tomb Kings will make for a very 8th Edition optimized army. Reliance on Magic and augments for army synergy to move and heal, lots of giant monsters and monstrous cavalry, big blocks of now cheaper Skeletons.

    The Necrosphynx is the Big Daddy. Toughness 8, 5 Wounds, Fly, 4-5 attacks but 1 can be made at strength 10 with Heroic Killing Blow. HKB means if it rolls a 6 to wound, it ignores armor, regen, and kills outright no matter how many wounds (like 40k instant death). It is one of only 2 things in the game that have the ability.

    The Tomb Sphynx mounts have poison attacks, have killing blow attacks from riders, and can exchange their attacks for a Thundercrush that places a small strength 5 template over the enemy unit. It has the same S, T, W as the big monster, but is the infantry killer rather than monster killer.

    Tomb King magic now works like the regualar magic system, rather than their own unique set. Their main caster MUST take the TK lore but others have access to Light and Death. The signature spell moves units as if they had moved in the movement phase, which is very important because Tomb King armies cannot march. The lore attribute also heals D3+1 wounds per unit effected by any TK augment.

    They now have access to better magic, rulebook lore magic, great Tomb Guard that share the Tomb King's WS if he is in the unit, cheaper Skeletons, monsters, monstrous cav, and flaming war machines. I think the Tomb Kings will have everything they need to be competitive in 8th Edition.