Friday, April 8, 2011

The Next Commission comes to life!!

A while back some of our locals asked DFG about commission work and we were pretty floored both by the amount of work that needed/wanted done and the fact that someone wanted us(OST)to actually paint their stuff for them. I mean come on, it's a big compliment when someone says they want you to paint the stuff they'll be fielding and when they receive compliments people are in turn complimenting you.

On the flip side it's slightly terrifying painting and modeling for someone else and than it dawns slowly on you that they might not be as satisfied with the finished product. Terrifying indeed. With communication the problem seems far fetched and chances are if they are coming to you they are already happy with the work they've seen and are excited to be fielding completed minis.

I was absolutely hammered when I was asked to partake in some of this commission work and despite my terror of not being able to meet others' standards I was excited to be part of something that wasn't just a sort of advisory post. I figured with some generous assistance from CVinton and OST there was nothing I couldn't accomplish so I was gonna push myself to meet the challenge.

I'm going to guiltily admit that this stuff has been sitting on my desk for a portion of undisclosed time but luckily there has been 0 time strictures and our Client is awesome. The items sitting on my desk and subsequently scattered about my apartment right now basically consist of the above picture and some trygons, lictors and zoanthropes.

On the return from Adepticon I find myself absolutely pumped to drown myself in plastic army men. Over the last 2 days I have spit out 2 magnetized Carnifexes, 6 Talon and Claw Warriors, 16 Termagants, 16 Genestealers and 3 Lictors and there is not a mold line to be found amongst them! I plan to finish tonight with 16 Hormogants and 3 Zoanthropes. They aren't painted yet but I hope to remedy that in the next week or two after my fingers heal from the glue and mold line collateral damage.

OST has the Trygons and will likely be converting the last Carnifex into a Tervigon so that will likely tie in nicely with his Tervigon pieces so far. As we speak I'm sitting at work clipping and cleaning lines and hope to be posting pictures of the army in the next week. All told its an easy 1850 army if not a little over 2000 if you counted upgrades, biomorphs or running a Zoanthrope or Lictor as a character equivalent.

This will likely lead to a few posts about magnets and some lessons learned the hard way and once these nids are done I'm probably going to go absolutely nuts by posting plans for my Space Marines Chapter, the Storm Heralds. It will probably consist of putting together my dream force, the 8th company, which for those of you versed in Space Marine Lore is the assault company. Yes I have that many Jump Packs. Yes I have more and with the Blood Angels Codex/Apocalypse I actually have the excuse to use that many!

Till next time Boys and Unicorns.


  1. u go old school, never give up!! never surrender!!

    Btw i just put up a tutorial on how i strip my minis, can you have a look at it and give me some feed back plz.

    any how you can do this, it is not that many models you have to paint there.

  2. Is it going to be a dipping process for all those tyranids, or something that requires a bit more time invested?

  3. Just do meth to get all those models done. Im sure cvinton would hook u up with his dealer for cheap