Friday, April 29, 2011

Dreamforge Leviathans (Titan-Sized models): Save Money by Pre-Ordering

 Old School here to talk about how you can save money by ordering the Dreamforge Leviathan model early. For those of you don't know about these models, I refer you to an old article we ran here or to some of the recent coverage Apocalypse40k has ran (they are responsible for today's news - thanks guys). Now what I like about these models is that they are the same size as a GW Warhound roughly, but they have a very cool gothic knight look to them. The Mortis above has that creepy articulated scissor hand and a scythe, while the Crusader (below) has a large ornate sword and a huge gattling gun weapon and looks like an actual crusade knight-turned huge robot. The looks may be worth a double-take, but what are the prices of these bad boys and how much do you save by pre-ordering? Well ...

Leviathan Crusader ($306.75 pre-order price) Retail $375.00

Leviathan Mortis ($296.75 pre-order price) Retail $350.00

Now that is a pretty good deal, particularly for the Crusader (though I prefer the Mortis). I do have to say that I will not be ordering either model (nothing against them, they are great, I just don't play Apoc and son't have time for a new rules system), but that shouldn't stop you if you are interested and have the funds. For more information on owning one of these beauties, check out Dreamforge Games and if you have an opinion about either of these resin monsters, let us know what you think.


  1. The Leviathan would make a great Death Guard titan, I think. Man.

    I'd love that model like a pretty lady.

  2. Haven't they ran afoul of Games Workshop legal department sometimes in the past? Good this has not stopped the company from making really interesting, and chilling - the Mortis definitely is - stuff. And the prices are not too bad indeed.

  3. I dont think they will for these, as the first looks far mor elike a warmachine model personally, however as it kinda looks like both i dont know where GW would stand... interesting though, i like both of them and how they look

  4. If you read through the articles presented on Apocalypse40k in the link, there are interviews with the creator and a few looks at exactly where prior scuffs with GW happened and how the Leviathan project was born after those incidents. I think if he can brand a great rules system, he may have something really cool on his hands, though only the most affluent gamers are likely to purchase.

  5. Yeah.. they are expensive as hell.

    I will be releasing 15mm versions and the price will be far more palatable.

    In my humble opinion, 15mm scale is far more suitable for a vehicle combat game.

  6. Thamks for bringing that up, Mark, a 15mm scale version of the models and a vehicle based combat system would be great, especially if you keep the standard of craftmanship up on the models (within reason for 15mm anyway). You certainly have our attention with these great models and when the 15mm versions debut, we will take a look and maybe try out the game!