Friday, December 10, 2010

Pics of the Completed Leviathan Mortis from Dreamforge - Counts as Titan!

 Looking back to the WIP shots we ran of the Dreamforge Leviathans last month, it is time to check out the completed Leviathan Mortis from Dreamforge Games web site! (note the classic, pose-able middle-finger action on the giant powerfist! lol) Let's take a look at some photos ...

 With the note on the middle finger, it became suddenly clear to me that this model might be articulated - that is to say, pose-aable!
 - add to that the fact that the details on the gears and the awesome braziers on its back add a lot of Gothic appeal to the overall look of the model (more than just another scary face) and we have something that may just have the interest of my bank account.
 - here is a photo from Dreamforge's blogpost showing the scale of the model next to a 30mm model.

One of the things I found interesting is that the model was assembled in a couple hours according to their site (also noted that they skipped pinning and clean up), but that's pretty good time. If this model has you interested in their products or if you just want to keep tabs on these sweet looking leviathan builds, check out Dreamforge Games.

PS - be on the lookout for some amazing finalized banners soon!


  1. 0.0 yikes!
    that looks insane!
    whats the price comparison to the forgeworld titans?
    and where you find it to purchase it? i tried there website and all it does is loop you around in circles, or takes you to dead ends :s

  2. I'll be on the look out for when it goes on ebay and ill also see if I can get the folks from dreamforge to drop a line here when they release. I thisnkbthebprice is comparable to a warhound but don't quote me.

  3. (note the classic, pose-able middle-finger action on the giant powerfist! lol)


    lol I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out...hehe, wouldn't change a thing :P

  4. Mehis: Sorry, the website is a mess, I just haven't had time to fix it yet. Price and release are on the blog. I will keep the blog updated and likely sell on Ebay until I can get to the website.


    First, that epic of epicness looks AWESOME!!

    Second, I sent my final banner! =3

    Third, thanks for putting my previous banner =D
    Looks cool, even with the hideous characters, the millennium typo and... hahaha Thank you!!

    Back on topic, I really enjoyed the pics of the leviathan!! The details are pretty cool, an being pose-able it's such a freaking good thing...