Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Templar Commission (pic heavy)

Just a couple of pictures of some Black Templars I just finished up for a local commission. Enjoy the eye candy. One day...someday...we'll be doing commissions on here and these are all level 2. As for now, business is steady enough locally to put a couple bucks in our pocket.

There are tons of photos, so keep reading to see more ...


  1. Beautiful paint job man....One thing that drives me nuts though.....EASE UP ON STATIC GRASS.....a little here a little there but not the whole base man.

  2. Maybe the masters of the chapter are performing a halftime show, lol, seriously, though, nice paint Cvinton, the masters especially look awesome.

  3. Awesome! Love that first one especially- that plasma pistol is badass!