Friday, April 22, 2011

Dark Future Games Vs MI40k Big Battle Report! IG, Nids, Space Wolves, DE!

OST, Posting for CVinton- Over the last weekend, the guys from Mi40k and DFG got together at a budding store called Game Links to have themselves a little battle royal. 3000 points with R3con and Xero representing mi40k and myself, OST and Lord Steve representing DFG. I 'd love to put up the lists but that'd just be way too long when combined with the number of pictures so I'm just putting up abbreviated lists.

1500 each
r3con, 1 grey hunters in rhino with priest, 2 in razorbacks, 3 twolf cav, long fangs with priest in rhino, scouts, vindicator
Xero- everything in raiders; 6 incubi w/hom, blood brides w/hom, 3 reavers, wracks w/hom, 2 warrior squads, 2 ravangers.

1000 each
OST - 2 big stealer squads, tervigon, gaunts, carnifex (I think), prime,
Steve- company comand squad with creed in chimera, ccs in chimera, 2 platoons with auto cannons, mortars, missles, lascannons.
CVinton- 1 platoon blobed to 30 with pw's, tons of weapons teams, 2 vendettas

We modified the force org so that each side had 2, including compulsory, which is why Cvinton didn't have an HQ and only 1 troop.

Xero rolls a pain token for his drugs.

MI40k had first turn and used it to move up, the mission was dawn of war capture and control. Wracks back off the center objective and back to their own, along with the raiders coming in and hovering around the back building in the left had side of their board edge. Priest living lightnings the vendetta with no effect. Vindicator smokes.

DFG's first turn moved aggressively forward. We put the blob over the objective more towards the center where as Mi put theirs deeper in their deployment zone and park a bunch of units on it. Genestealers move up on both sides of board. Everything else walks on so we miss a lot of weapons team shots, but its the risk you take taking them.
Creeds chimera spot lights the vindicator and it gets immobilized and shaken from the vendettas. It managed to shrug off a lot of the weapons team shots from cover, but R3con's luck usually only lasts about 5 dice rolls for any game.

Mi40k's second turn saw the scouts come in off our back board edge and shoot the ccs's chimera (not creed's) with 2 melta guns and shake it. They put some support fire from the long fangs into it and luckily blew it up so the scouts could assault the guys inside. The Ravanger shoot down the vendetta on the right side of the board, a flamer and guardsmen climb out of the wreckage, the rest of the platoon command squad dies, and the one on the left pen'd twice and managed to only shake it. A weapons team in the middle gets shot by a long lance, fails the cover and breaks. Thankfully because of the size of the base they're protected from running off the board and just run sideways a few inches. The wyches pick a fight with the blob, killing 11 guardsmen, and losing 5 in return. The blob fails it moral, shoots a sergeant in the face and they reconsider and stay.

DFG's second turn started off with moving everyone forward again. The combined platoon of Steve's first rank second ranks the scouts, kills 3 and they break. Creed sends orders over to the weapons teams on the left side of the board, blowing the weapon off the vindicator, downing a raider with warriors in it, and stunning the ravanger.

The ruin priest's rhino gets immobilized on the hill from a missile team, the long fangs get pinned from mortar fire (steve rolled 3 hits inflicting like 18 hits), incubi's raider on the right side gets blown up by some missile's, the wyches raider gets pop'd and kills one wyches in the explosion and 7 guardsmen. I ok'd that move thinking it'd work out much better killing at least a few wyches but...I'm bad with math. And finally, the genestealers got into the fight with the wyches finishing them off and then my power weapons piled onto the homunculus and hacked him down.

Mi40k starts out their third turn with shooting into the vendetta with a blaster and lance from the warriors failing to get past its armor. R3con puts the assault cannon on it, scoring 4 hits and then rolling a solid 4 1's for pen. Lastly, they shake creeds chimera.

One of the best things I've seen in a while is R3con charging the guants with his twolves. He charges in and kills 11 guants. However, because of the tervigon, the guants are fearless and poisoned so in return he losses 2 wolves and has only his fist remaining.(Go-Go Guant screen!) On top of this, with the fearless wounds, their is only one guant left in the blob. Sadly, there is another wave waiting. R3con's luck was truly bad, just bad.

DFG's 3rd turn saw more destruction. The priest rhino, and the 2 razorbacks were all destroyed. The ravanger on the left was destroyed by the vendetta, the ravanger on the right was destroyed by a missile team, warriors took a lot of frag hits with the order to make them reroll successful cover saves, and ran off the board. And finally, the saddest of notes, the final twolf was killed by the guants in close combat.

For MI's fourth turn the wracks get out of the raider and liquefy some genestealers and get into assault with them. Killing 6 stealers and losing 1 wrack. Also, they finally get that last vendetta down from a heatlance on the reaver.

At this point in the game, OST makes an off the cuff comment "Oh my genestealers are going to just eat up your incubi off that objective!" Steve and I ask him what he's talking about and he points to their pain token marker and says it again. We all have a good chuckle and it becomes a good joke for the rest of the game. OST has been moving his stealers around that building the whole game thinking he's super sneaky and brilliant in springing this trap. I have to share some of the blame because one of the priests choosers was placed on that building and I asked if it was an objective and pointed to it and OST just heard "That's an objective." But, in my defense I found out right then that it wasn't and corrected myself clarifying out loud where the objective was exactly. I think OST was still running on the high of thunder wolf biomass.

During our turn more frag missiles went into warriors, the ruin priest's squad died from heavy weapons fire, and the guants charged into the grey hunters that came out of the razorback and were pinned. They failed their counter charge and got gobbled up.

For Mi40k's 5th turn Xero made R3con roll through the dragon to try and change his luck (Pure desperation!). It did not. That's a failed leadership in the picture below.

For the last turn more destruction followed, the long fangs and incubi got into combat with the stealers and guants, OST never did get his objective though, only being able to contest as the guants had 16 wounds inflicted on them and saved none. The wracks finished up the other genestealers and moved back towards the objective but had a bad roll for difficult terrain through their destroyed raider. The grey hunters made it over the the objective and took every piece of long range fire we had to kill them after they went to ground. Turn 5 ended 1-0 DFG and we just called it without rolling to see if it kept going because it was getting late.

I'm glad we met up with the mi40k guys for a game and got a chance to talk to Shawn the owner of Game Links about the direction of his store and how we can help. There are some big things on the table over there and we'll talk more about that for you Michigan gamers. Expect to be surprised at whats happening in the mid Michigan area for wargaming...


  1. Those dice sucked again tonight, failed Ld 10 missed constantly with twin linked guns..worst 4 bucks I've ever spent.

  2. A great game. What is your appraisal of the blob list Cvinton, I'm aware that only recently you have began to feel out the blobs(not unlike the nights when we go out to the bar whaling :P)(joking.....).

    Does it feel weird to play without the mobility of Apc's? Perhaps you already have experience with foot lists, I only began playing in 5th so a foot army has always meant Blob squads or Orks. I play neither.

  3. oh blogger ate my post. Oh I hate you blogger. It was so long and I so don't want to rewrite it...sigh...

    heres the short:
    1. I'll write a post when I get a few more games and feel the blob out (haha, feeling boobs). I plan on playing OST's red china gaunt list, we'll see how that works out.

    2. Blob is fierce in close combat when combined with straken. You're always getting +1 attack on the first round so with my squad that has 3 sergeants with power weapons and a commissar with a power weapon, thats 16 powered attacks and you're more than likely to eat 12 more next round before you get close to me having to take wounds on them. And when they charge, its very similar to getting beaten up by space marines with power weapons; I4/S4. (WS 3 but, youre more than likely hitting on 4's still)

    3. Its so big at 31 guys that you're almost always in cover versus shooting. Half their models have to clearly see half yours. That means half of them have to see 16 or more of your guys CLEARLY. Feet, arms, head, legs and torso are part of the body and those are the things that all have to be completely unobstructed. Its almost impossible for that to happen until you get into close range (12" or less).

    4. I hide shit in them. My platoon command squad or straken is typically surrounded by the blob to protect them against shooting and getting charged. Those squads are pretty important to give your blobs Run! Run! Run! to keep that mobility of a transport without the transport and since they're only 5 guys, they're super easy to kill, especially in combat.