Saturday, April 23, 2011

A couple new Grey Knight Items from Scibor

 Old School here with a quick post for both the traditional GK player and the Pre-Heresy T-sons player. Scibor has released a couple new products (a couple of which have been left out of this post, so follow the link at the bottom) and I just want to highlight a couple I think would work for grey knights of either persuasion.

First are the SF Knight shoulderpads above, which utilize a very Inquisitorial =][= symbol with wings and such. I think given the cost and bulky nature of these parts, I would use them for Paladins as opposed to regular GK Terminators (please remember these are termie sized). I like the broad surfaces spread across multiple layers, it will give grey knight players the chance to use some bold colors that will stand the models out in the see of metallic grey.
Next up, for the Pre-Heresy T-Son player, the weapons below seem all to appropriate for the Sons of Magnus and once again would be great for your counts as Paladins to stand out. The egyptian iconography says it all!

So, if you like these for any of your modelling needs, keep in mind that Scibor has a wide variety of henchmen retinue-type minis and plenty of egyptian themed bases and headdresses, so check out Scibor's site to see more.


  1. Great recommendation. Very pretty pieces, and the weapons have uses across game systems.

  2. Looks like the halberds are made to make Adeptus Custodes...

  3. My thoughts exactly given the nature of their other recent releases, but with the Egyptian style eagle on the blade, they would also work very well for some character level Thousand Sons.