Sunday, March 6, 2011

DFG Painting Challenge: Iron Warrior Havocs by OST!

Old School here with a quick look at my latest entry for the DFG Painting Challenge - These Iron Warrior Havocs. Yeah, I know some folks were looking for the Tervigon, but that is a very special peice and will take some time. For now though, the 14th Black Crusade requires missile launchers, especially with what I have in mind!
Alright, so here is the whole gang on the same level. As you can see the dreadclaw conversion is somewhere in the background. I painted the squad to match the vessel and really wanted them to look a little dirty with some Badab Black and Gryphone sepia not cleaned up to lend the idea of rust, dirt and oil, though I did use a lot of mythril on the hard edges (it doesn't look great in pics, but the hard mythril looks great from the table vantage point.)
Alright folks, yes, they all have the same missile launcher, but trust me I have plenty more already built where that came from armed with a variety of launchers - it just so happens that I grabbed five that were already airbrushed and started adding detail. When I finished, I realized they all were the same, lol. No biggie, they look good enough for me and once the other ... uh, 11 ... are done, it won't be an issue anymore.

Here are a few from the squad standing on this beautiful cardboard terrain! The black shoulder pads were done with chardon granite and black wash. It gave them rich depth that sisn't reqiure line highlighting so I left it out there. I may, at some point come back and add some IW decals to them, but first I have to get better at decals, which is what the old guard tanks I picked up are for!
Here is the random dude from the squad. At first I thought it would be awesome to have this squad also be Fands or Devs in the 14th BC theme, but then I realized only havocs have the boltgun in their profile ... this guy might become a squad goon soon enough. I like the hazard shoulder pad though and may eventually do it on more of the IW - maybe all of them.

 ... and I couldn't leave this post without showing off this cardboard terrain I picked up in the Tallarn army deal I recently made. I have a ton of it and it is durable, good looking and brings back memories of the good old days when I couldn't afford to play 40k (when I was 13!). Anyway, be on the look out for this stuff in future batreps and maybe just a show-off post.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the havocs and please check out the Challenge - maybe you want to get involved!


  1. They look great Old school. I particularly like the models who appear to have skulls for helmets.

    The rust effects on the dreadclaw look great also, looking forward to see these some time.

  2. Old Schools minis with Old School terrain, coincidence? i think not :P

    Am i to guess your airbrushing all the silver on every model then going through and picking out details and other colours? Great way of doin it, im doin that with my guard, just got to work out if will work well on my nyds or not since i blend all the colours in on the model wet...

    How you go about painting that severed head in the 3rd pic, love the effect and wouldnt mind trying it out on a zombie or something else ghoulish for my Bloodpact.

    Also, is that Army Painter Tufts your using? Great stuff to use instead of static grass. If your not using it i recommend it, but buy from an online distributor instead of store, i cut my costs in half doing it that way.

  3. Hey, these are really nice. They look great with the dreadclaw as well!

  4. These look great man. Makes me miss my old Iron Warriors army

  5. Thanks for the compliments guys. I look forward to making more of these fellows as I progress. I have found a new faith in the form of the 14th's counts as destiny and I will direct them accoringly!