Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DFG Painting Challenge: Hornblowers Death Company!

Let me tell you, I've seen these in real life and they are great looking. Also, Hornblower is doing a great job blowing OST and I out of the water on this challenge. I wonder if he has a full time nanny or just doesn't sleep. I know he's not a vampire because I've seen him during the day so many he has just transcended the mortal coils and does not need sleep. Here's his work, looks great:

Hey everyone, Hornblower back again!

Another month, another unit of models. March comes in like a lion and out comes the Death Company! 10 beautifully sculpted models completed. I was super impressed with the detail of the kit when I assembled them and am even more so now that I've painted the unit. The amount of Blood Angel iconography is impressive and really brings out the uniqueness of the Death Company.

As far as equipping the squad, I went with two power weapons, a thunder hammer, two fusion pistols and five guys loaded out with the standard bolt pistol / close combat weapon. I rarely take a squad of ten, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have them ready and painted if I wanted to have a larger squad for the big games.

All of the models have their backpacks magnetized so I can easily swap them out for the jump pack option. The jump packs haven't been painted yet, but at least I have that option if I choose to go that direction down the road.

See you when the next unit is complete. Next in the queue: The Storm Raven (with a little conversion work)!


  1. These look very good. Black can be hard to pull off sometimes and these minis look great. The only final touch I would suggest is to paint something on all the scrolls.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. As far as the scrolls, always afraid I'm going to screw up the writing. I rarely get that to look good. I guess these guys still have more to accomplish and their lives have a chapter yet to be written.

    As far as the black goes, I'm super happy with how it came out. Was rediculously easy too. Prime black. Paint entire model with a thinned down Chaos Black. Drybrush fairly heavy Codex Grey. Drybrush lightly Skull White. Heavy wash Badab Black. Repeat final step until the color looks how you want it.

    It was so fast. Really made the project quick to finish. I used to hate black, now, not so much.

  3. @ CVinton:

    Nah, I don't have a nanny. Just a couple of kids who can now wipe their own butt and dress themselves. Also the ability to get by on 5 or so hours of sleep a night doesn't hurt.

  4. Hornblower, have you ever used a micropen? Its all I use for script now and it works great. Pick up one of the 005 black pens for a couple bucks and just try it out if not. In the end if you don't like it your out less than $5.

  5. I call it my pimpin' pen. Microns are awesome. You can also find them in shades of sepia.

  6. My recipe for black is now very similar. Black undercoat + some grey drybrushing of various levels depending on the desired result followed by multiple washes of badab black.

    The only thing I will say is be careful since all it takes is one coat too many to lose a lot of the definition - this happened on a couple of my recent raptors figs.

    I will also second the fineliner suggestion - I began using one a year ago and will never go back!

    I really love the deep jade green for the weapons, excellent colour choice they look very imposing!

  7. I was actually surprised to see that green as your color choice for power weapons. I like it though. Going to the color wheel in my head I would have said warm color, but really, you did need a cool color. It was a good choice and turned out very nice.