Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Blood Angel Librarian Furioso Commission for FLGS!

 Old School here with a quick commission job I did Pro Bono (if you laughed, look up the definiton, lol) for the FLGS. The job was supposed to be simple and to the theme of the codex art, so that's where I stayed.
Let's take a look at some pics.

 Here he stands in the GW "super aggressive" stance *sarcasm*, but in all seriousness, I stuck as close to the basic colors as I could from the dex, only deviating in the use of a little bit of weathering and a sepia pen for the script.
 The force blade was done with a quick blend from the airbrush using several shades of GW blues.

 At first, I hated the brown lipped base in the dex, but once I painted it Graveyard Earth, I thought it actually was just the right shade in person.

... Not too bad for a quick job and what's more it goes with one of the responsibilities I think members of a gaming community should take up now and again: Painting store models and terrain. You play there and your fellow gamers will get tired of unpainted terrain before the store does, so IMO, if they buy it or supply it, I will paint it. I feel the same way about the promo models, though I am a little less apt to pick up one for Pro Bono work.

I will leave you with this pic of the Libby Dread standing on a peice of CVinton's donated terrain and open the floor to your feedback on both the dread and what you think about members of the gaming community and their own responsibilties to their hobby center/ FLGS/ freindly garage ect.


  1. Very nice paint job, but now that I see the model from a different point of view, I am not a fan of the force weapon that the dred is carrying. I think GW could have done a better job making it a bit more stream lined and less silly looking...

  2. So you did it for the lead singer of U2?

    Also, I do like the paint job. Crisp, clean and efficient. I may try using my airbrush to paint force weapons some day.

  3. Nice job mate - looks great. Its hard to get a sense of motion or action from the Dready kits simply due to the design philosphy - it really lives up to the 'walking tank' descriptor - leave being graceful and elegant to the Eldar.

    I for one fully support painting stuff on occassion for the local store - not only do you get to hlp them out, but it gives you a massive audience to show your work off to and invite feedback from. Plus it helps build community.

    I remember a couple of years back all GW stores were asked to paint a company of Space Marines. Now the local had no chance to do this and keep up with their other store responsibilities so select customers were invited to help out - given a set of guidelines, paints etc and went at it. The company got done, it was cohesive and really helped build the store community.