Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Need That Booty: Something I thought I'd never say about a Mini

 For the last week or so, I have ignored the talk of the new WHFB giant spider kit being a perfect tervigon. First off, despite being a bug of sorts, it really doesn't look very tyranid-like. That, and the price tag really just turned me off ... and I am using the $25 tervigon project to teach myself Milliput sculpting techniques. Then, I saw the shot above on GW's site and I nearly sent it my wife's Valentine's Day card. That rear end has everything to do with what I would want a Tervigon's booty to look like ...

 ... but then that matter of size and price comes up again. I thought this pic looked huge, then I saw the shot below and I think I may have exclaimed a few swear-words out loud. These things are huge - like Shelob's Baby Daddy hug. I just don't think it would be feasable to make a Tervi out of these things ...
 ... but then there is that beautiful booty shot again. I think I might just order the butt if I can find it on a bits site and see what I can do with it, The shell here could easily fit in to the Nid theme with a little conversion work. Hmmm, what do you fellow Nid players and conversionists think? The kit? Just the booty? Perhaps nothing, we supposedly are getting a kit in August. Do you have plans for this rear end?


  1. After some consideration, I think it may be possible to take the booty or abdomen and use the carnifex torso to create a large drider type creature from the two. Anybody else catching the lolth idea?

  2. A lot of the size/volume is from the howdah on top and the legs being all spread out. If you take just the body and use more normal Nid legs I don't think it would be too big.

    Still, probably better ways to do Tervis.

  3. Buy it then flog any spare bits you don't need on eBay.

  4. I really like that butt too. If we do not get a kit this summer I will look at the option for merging one with a fex kit.

    It certainly gives a bloated full of eggs look that would be great.

  5. The tervigon ive converted has an ass bigger than that, using a polystyrene ball i carved to size. Not much bigger, but bigger none the less.

    This kit, being plastic, would be easily modified by clipping the legs at the joints, cutting out all thats in between the segments, re-attach with lengths of pin so that there is a gap inbetween to bend the pins, and fill with greenstuff to sculpt to look similar to the joints of tyranid legs.
    If you take into account its pretty much a giant gaunt, the legs look pretty similar to those of a gaunt, you just need to modify the ends to have hooves or something similar if so inclined.
    Also id swap the front end for that of a carnifex if possible, help give more of a tyranid look to it.

    The cost is a set back i must admit, and even if they do release a kit for the tervigon, what are the odds it will be any cheaper than buying and converting this kit really?

    If anything will likely cost you the same either way, the only thing is you will have ork/goblin bits to fob off on ebay...

  6. If I find 100$ in a parking lot or in the laundry, I'm using it to buy this model and a carnifex and blowing minds with the greatest tervigon kit bash ever and shut everyone up from saying "Oh, i just don't know....oh I'm not sure....I'm just so nervous..."

    This spider is an awesome tervigon in disguise. Buy it, bash it, love it...if you have the cash laying around...

  7. Yup - its gonna happen; and can't wait. The FLGS has one built; it's big, but stand it up some, rather than keeping it low and it will be all tyranid.

  8. Hold on...
    everyones complaining about $60?
    the Australian dollar and US dollar are 1:1 atm, and us Aussies will have to pay $96 for it...
    I think ill be ordering all my GW stuff from the USA from now on.
    Yeah ill have to pay a lil shipping, but hell, will save me a heap :D

  9. Great ideas are timeless. Last week I saw this post just around the time that I started to think about how to approach a tervigon conversion.

    That very same day, I found an ebay auction for the booty bitz and won the parts for 10$. It really blows that shipping to Canada will take about 2 weeks but the wait is going to be sooooooo worth it.