Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick light-weight table design

I was asked by a friend to design a quick and easy table and just thought I'd share the design with the community. It is planned to be in a game store, however after building some for Evolution, I realized that despite my gut reaction, the tables don't need to be as heavy duty as I initially thought. (so long as people don't stand on them...)

The design costs a total of 47.52$ without any flock on the surface. I'd budget an extra 10-30$ depending on what you use and how well you want it done. Also, the cost of the table can fluctuate about +/- 10$ depending on how much sturdier you would want to make it by adding thicker or thinner boards. The design I priced uses 1x6x6 (or 1x6x8) boards to make the box for the board to fit into. I feel like this is necessary for a game store just to strengthen the legs by giving them more material to attach to. To make this table work for a game store I would just make sure that the table legs are securely fastened with four screws on each side in a staggered square pattern.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone that its a light weight table. I designed it for a store that was thinking about getting into 40k. They want to put up some tables to see if there are any players in the area who will come in to play before they invest in GW product. However, I do feel that after looking at the tables at stores in the Lansing area, this table should be just fine. Its very similar to tables at the Fortress and they've been around for a very long time.

If you guys have any questions about the design let me know!


  1. Couple 2.whatevers lower on the table makes a nice shelf when used with osb.

  2. that was supposed to read 2 x "by" whatevers.

  3. The ones at Evo have that lower shelf and it never gets used. At best people put their army cases on them but they could just keep them on the floor and slide them under the table just the same.

    The original intent was to throw away these rickety shelves they have to save the space but that didn't happen so now its these giant 4x8 monstrosities of tables plus the extra shelving unit.

    The under table storage is a great idea though and I'm still a believer in having it to store the terrain when its not on the table top.

    Also, I'm just realizing how crappy the resolution on that picture is. I'll try and do something about that.

  4. I cut the shelves back and "notched" the corners where my legs are so that the shelf is set back.