Saturday, January 1, 2011

Plastic Broodlord Conversion! Simple and Effective!

 Old School here with a quick post about my plastic Broodlord. I really want to try these guys out, but have no desire to pay $20 for a 46 point upgrade model. So I dug into the bigs to figure out how this was going to be done ...

 I wanted the model to be about the size of the Space Hulk Broodlord compared to the regular genestealer. Here is a photo of the two next to each other (well, a 3rd edition genestealer, but you get the idea). The result was smaller than a Warrior in stature, but with a much more threatening disposition.

 I started the conversion by building the lower body of a warrior (tail and legs), the used my bonesaw to cut the nub off that normally attaches to the warrior torso. I then cut the genestealer torso right above the cratch and the holes where the genestealer legs normally fit in. I pinned both halves together.

 From there. I added the Genestealer extended carapaces to make the torso look wider. The I used the warrior rending claws to make the broodlord look like a true S5 monster! The scything talons come from the ravener box and are the mid sized talons that get replaced when you give you raveners rending claws.

 I didn't like the length of the warrior tail for the brood lord, so I cut it down and scraped the tail until it had a shape that fit the look of the broodlord. I also added greenstuff to the head to add about 25% more mass to it, so it looked like it belonged on this body.

Overall, I am happy with the conversion and with the knowledge that I can make many more of these on the cheap using spare parts from my bits box and now that I have the look down, I can make much more dynamic poses.

Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you all and see what the blogosphere thought of this simple conversion. Fire Away!


  1. Works very well for me, and is definitely menacing. The pose is just right.

    The only way I could think to improve on it would be by making the head bigger overall with greenstuff and by narrowing the pelvis with some cutting and filing. Both would mean a lot more work of course, and with no guarantee of as good an outcome as you've got here.

    This is great encouragement to be creative. Hopefully you've inspired a few more people to dig around in the bits box and take control of their minis.

  2. He doesn't look bad, and it certainly beats buying the real model (which I'm not particularly fond of anyway). I've always wondered how a genestealer with a warrior head would look. Since we used to use those heads on hormagaunts to make hive nodes, I figured the same might work for genestealers. Certainly someone's done it?